Ready to find your MAGIC and start loving yourself again?

Find your Magic

Be PROUD of who you are!


I am Amanda, coach, healer, yogi, dancer, and empowerment leader!

Through my personal struggles with self-love, worthiness, addictions, and self-sabotage, I have discovered my passion for personal development, spirituality, gratitude, accountability, and community. 

I am here to empower you to rediscover that amazing human you are and start honoring her/him!

Let’s find our magic, rewrite the stories we have been telling ourselves, and step into this INCREDIBLE power that has always been deep down inside of us! 

I am here to help you through your journey. It’s time to give ourselves permission to explore, get out of our own way, and start living that life we envision! 


I am here for you, to help you, guide you, and be your cheerleader!

Amanda From Amandas Craft Corner

15+ Years Of Experience as an Artist, mover and shaker, and Mindset & Energy Enthusiast

Throughout the years I dabbled in everything! I went to college for dance and audio. That led me down a path to mindset and limiting beliefs, which is where everything starts! Your mindset! Affirmations and Inncercising daily! That has led me to make and create beautiful arts and crafts for me and my loved ones and now you too! So welcome and I hope you enjoy your time here with me.

Amanda White

What People Are Saying

Amanda is the most down to earth, kind hearted, loving person I have ever met! She takes the time to listen to what me and others say and has fabulous artistic gifts! Many of them. I have her work all over my place and she is always my go to for an original card!
Amanda's work is always unique! If you give a idea to Amanda she turns it into this beautiful creation. I always purchase my cards and home decor from her."
Amanda is a helper! She is a great friend and artist! She takes the time and dedicates many hours a day to her craft! She is always excited and ready to go! Her handmade items are beautiful and one of a kind!
Happy Customer/Friend

Sneak a peak at what Amandas been doing

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