About Me

Hey, I am Amanda

I channel my creative juices to explore the mind, make and design cards, create home decor, abstract art, and clothes with one thing in mind: to inspire you to craft and make things too!!!

Are you a mindset enthusiast that loves to create?

IS Art and Crafting your JAM? 

YES? Then my friends, you have found your tribe:)!

Hello all you amazing people out there! I am Amanda. Nice to meet you!

I am an artist, creative, designer, and maker of many many things. I’m a total mindset enthusiast that loves creating, designing, and making beautiful arts and craft, whether that be a card, painting,  multi-media canvas, an abstract design for clothes, svgs, or printables. 

I am extremely fascinated by the mind and how it works! Mindset is where everything starts! I have dedicated years to developing a mindset that works for me and not against me! It is an ongoing journey, but it’s a fab one!

Amanda White


hours of knowledge


years making and selling arts and crafts


years healing others through Reiki


Happy Customers

What can we explore and learn about?

So a little background about me.

My parents Mike and Donna brought me into this incredible world in good ole Joliet, IL. They are the best parents a girl could ever ask for. Since I can remember we were always doing something as a family. Painting ceramics, making things, welding things, camping, game nights, and the list goes on. I was very active as a kid all the way through college.


I went to College at Columbia College Chicago for dance and audio. As I stated, I love being active and fit. And my passion was modern dancing! I went on to dance for many many professional companies in Chicago, California, and Colorado. I loved getting on that stage and expressing myself! It was a greater form of art therapy and getting emotions out. Art has always been in my life! In some way, shape or form!


Throughout College, I went on to work many jobs, but it always came back to others asking me hey could you make this for me? Well of course, I can:) That turned into a thang and everyone that knew me said Lady you need a blog to showcase your beautiful crafts and art so here I am. Excited and ready to go!

Curtis and I have been together since 2014 and are engaged. WOOHOO! To this day we are just still engaged! We will eventually set a date but there are things we want to achieve before that happens. Ya know the feeling? Oh good!! Then I am not crazy ! (LOL) And with Curtis comes his son, my stepson. Oh when they are little the bonding and them wanting to do everything with you to in his teens and is into coding and design. He has some pretty impressive stuff for his age, 13.

 We also have a beautiful cat named Precious that is always making us laugh and stealing our hair ties to play with.

We are currently located in Tempe, AZ. We moved here in October of 2019 from beautiful Colorado.  It has been great! Now trying to get my parents here!

Some quick odd facts about me:

I LOVE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! If you haven’t noticed yet! LOL I feel everything is so fascinating and am always stressing the excitement!

1. In the morning I wake up drink a whole glass of water, spend 5-10 minutes being grateful for all that I have and will come, then I meditate, innercise, and yoga it out:)

2. I love Gaia tv! So my honey and I moved in Oct 2019 and decided there was no reason to pay for tv anymore. We barely watched it. But this lady loves learning so I purchased Gaia to learn all the things I love and have a passion for!

3.I run around my house on the daily to get my exercise and steps in. Because it is the summer here in AZ, 118 outside, I have to get my exercise in so I run around like a mad woman for 10-20 minutes a day to get my heart going and my head right!

4. I love staying active and having fun! I am the type of person that is excited about everything for no reason at all. I am a super positive up beat helper! I love supporting others where I can and help them were they are struggling! 


5. I love nature pictures!!! They make me happy and remind me that the sky is the limit! Anything is possible!

6. My Family are my  world! I would do anything and everything for them!

I truly appreciate you being here.  It means the world to me! Live each day to the fullest and be a better version of you than yesterday!

I look forward to connecting with you! Reach out if there is anything I can help you with or teach you! I am always learning too!