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Arts and Crafts Blog mixed with Personal Development and Good for You Recipes

Just Trying to make you smile:)

WELCOME and Thank you so Much for being here:)

You might be here because you found a pin on Pinterest with my abstract art, or maybe you found my FB page and seen the SVGs and wanted to make a shirt out of it because your kiddo loves sloths. Or perhaps you’re just looking for fun creative project ideas or tips on how to accomplish your next project. Regardless of how you got here, I am glad you found your way here 🙂

AmandasCraftCorner can help with:

  • Crafting with your Cricut
  • Abstract Art and POD
  • DIY
  • Mindset and Personal Development
  • Good for you recipes for Tired Parents

AmandasCraftCorner is about giving you all the knowledge and tools you need to take on your own cricut, abstract art, and canvas project, whether it’s a simple card, organizing and labeling your pantry, designing and cutting HTV for your t-shirt your making, painting a canvas for your house, or even building a piece of furniture for the outdoor space. Mindset will definitely help with that and so will fueling your body with good for you food! I know that you can do it, and it’s my mission to help!

Crafting with your Cricut

Cricut crafting

Are you struggling with your cricut machine? Not sure where to begin or what to do? So many crafters struggle with this and that’s ok because I am here to walk you through all that!

I have been there and know the feeling. Here I will talk you through the different machines, what they do, the materials and supplies you need vs wants and how to start your projects.

I will also share fun craft projects and ideas with you so we can make and create things together, so you are not alone!

Abstract Art And POD

Abstract Art POD

Do you love designing and creating but really cant afford all the programs for it? I got you covered.

Here we will be discussing what abstract art is, how to create it, quality, and sending your work to POD sites to upload your art to sell:) I will go over free programs and some paid programs, but I feel no matter the situation you should be able to live your dreams!



OMG Look at that beat up end table in the garbage! Lets go grab that because we can turn that into a piece of art:)

Yes that is for sure me:) I am always looking for things people no longer need or are throwing away because there is so much potential for those items. The sky is the limiting when revamping old beat up items.

Mindset and Personal Development

Mindset and personal Development

A famous Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,”

Your mind is where this magnificent journey all begins! The mindset you carry around day in and out has a huge impact on how you think, feel, and act throughout the day. It will be the determining factor if you accomplish something or not because Your attitude determines success or failure. 

Good for you Recipes for Tired Parents

Recipes for tired parents

WHERE’S Dinner? I am starving? you hear in the background as the door swings open. Here comes your kid or kiddos ready to eat, but you haven’t even started dinner.

Yep that was us for months until one day we decided that was not ok for us. We needed to start preparing good for you meals that are good for the body. So I thought why not share this journey with you as we figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

So tell me:

What kind of projects, of any kind, are you working on?

What is working for you?

What are you struggling with?

I am here to help:)

Sharing is caring!

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