Easter Bunny and Carrot Banner-DIY

Creating Beautiful DIY Easter Bunny and Carrot Banners w/ our Cutting Machine

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Easter was always so much fun growing up! My family always got together ate amazing food, chatted about life, and had a FABULOUS Easter Egg hunt. I remember getting so excited to hunt and try to find the money in the Easter Eggs.

Now I am decorating and designing SVGs to decorate our home with! This Easter Banner with Bunnies and Carrots was so much fun to make and design.

And it was a HOOT putting together especially with our Kitty. She was helping me by playing and grabbing the string and pulling it away from me. LOL Oh the Joy our baby brings to us!

In this Article we are going to be making and putting together this Adorable Easter Banner with bunnies and carrots! I will walk you through each and every step until we have completed it:) WOOHOO!

*NOTE- if you do not have a cutting machine and would like to make this please send me a email and I will gladly turn the files into ones that you can print out and trace on cardstock so you can still make the Banner:)

DIY Easter Bunny and Carrot Banner we are creating together for Easter Decor.

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Materials needed for this DIY Easter Bunny and Carrot Banner

First things First. Let’s get you This ADORABLE SVG file, shall we?

Once you confirm your subscription it should automatically open in a new window:)

Grab your FREE DIY Easter Bunny and Carrot Banner SVG cut file

Just a quick Note- Make sure you remember where you are saving this SVG Cut file to so you can locate it when we upload the SVG into Cricut Design Space.

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Uploading the Easter & Carrot SVG into Design Space

Now we are going to open up cricut design space, start a blank canvas,  and go to the upload icon on the left panel of design space. Click on the upload image and locate that file you just saved. See Image Below

Uploading an image into Cricut Design Space

Need a bit of help with the icons in design space? NO problem. Head on over to my AWESOME Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cricut Design Space

Now hit that Browse Icon and locate the file you just saved.

Hit the browse button and locate the file in cricut design space

Select the image and import it into Cricut Design Space. Then hit the save icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Select the Image (file) that you saved and hit open which brings you to this screen in cricut design space. Next lets name it and give it tags if we want. Then let us hit the save icon

Next let’s click on the recently uploaded SVG and go to the bottom right hand button that says insert images and click on that.

We now have the Easter Bunny and Carrot SVG on a new blank canvas in Design Space. WOOHOO and Congrats!

You can UNGROUP (righthand side panel) the images if you want to space them out like I did below.

WE now have a Carrot and Bunny SVG to make our Easter Banner to decorate our homes on our canvas in cricut design space

Adjusting the Size of the Easter Banner

The size of your Easter Banner is completely up to you! If you want to resize it bigger or smaller you definitely can, but for me the imported size which is Carrot- 3.797 (W) x 8.959 (H) and the Bunny- 5.823 (W) x 7.765 (H) is just fine!

If you need to resize this Banner here are two ways you can do that and you will need to UNGROUP the Images just once to resize them.

First way to resize

You can select the image and drag it out with the two arrows pointing in the opposite directions (bottom right hand corner).

Second way to resize

The second way is to head on up to the top panel and put the exact size into the size icon.

Duplicating the Images

So now that we are completely happy with the size we are going to duplicate the images to make it a banner. There are a few ways you can do this, but we are going to focus on one.

Lets select the Carrot and duplicate it four times so we have five carrots. This may vary depending on how long or small you want your banner to be.

Two ways to duplicate the Carrot in Cricut Design Space

Duplicating our bunnies and carrots in cricut design space.  2 ways to duplicate.

So we now have five Carrots and it’s time to duplicate the Bunny three times. So we have a total of four Bunnies. You can use the same steps as above to duplicate the Easter Bunny. Just make sure the Bunny is selected.

So we now have a total of five carrots and four bunnies:) Woohoo! You are doing fantastic!

I did want two different colors for my bunnies so I changed two of the bunnies to a different color. So I had two pink bunnies and two green bunnies.

If you want to change the colors of the bunnies, go ahead and select the bunny. Once the bunny is selected, head over to the righthand side panel and click on just the bunny. Then head up to the color and select the color you want. See image below.

If you want to change the color of your bunnies this shows you how to do that

Get creative here! You can do so much! You can even get a patterned paper and cut the bunnies from that:) The possibilities are endless, which is the whole reason we love crafting!

We are now ready to continue on and hit the make it button (aqua green) in the top right corner.

Make it

You may have to fiddle with your mats here. You can get four of those carrots on a 12×12 mat. And the Bunnies you can fit two to a mat. See images below.

I am definitely one of those crafters that loves to save materials where I can. LOL Plus I save all my scraps because ya never know what you can use it for. LOL

Lets fiddle with our cutting mats and get as much as we can on one mat so we don't have to cut as many mats.
Lets combine the same colored bunny mats together because we can cut two of the bunnies on one mat.

Moving an Image to a different mat

If you don’t know how to move an image on your mat this is how you do that.

Step 1- Select the mat in which you want to move images from.

Step 2- Select the image and you will see the selection box and in the top left corner there will be three dots. Click on the three dots and a pop up that’s says move object or hide selection. We want to move object. See image below

Learning how to move items around on our cutting mats so we get the max on our mats

Step 3 -Now let us click on the Move Object option and another screen appears that look like this.

When moving an object to a different mat a pop up comes up that looks like this.

Step 4- Now we want to select the mat that we want to move it to like the image below shows. And then hit confirm.

Moving things around on our cutting mats

TIP– If for some reason you don’t see three carrots on that mat it’s because cricut tends to put the images on top of one another. So feel free to arrange and adjust your mats accordingly because you NOW know how to do that! WOOHOO!

Do that for all the mats and get them the way you desire them to be. Then hit continue which takes you to the machine and material screen.

Continuing on- Machine and Material Screen

Let us select the cutting machine we will be using, which in my case is the Maker. Then I am going to select the material which is Medium cardstock. You maybe working with different materials which is ok. Just select the materials you are using.

If you are working with the Explore Air 2 change your dial and set it to cardstock.

We are now ready to have our awesome cutting machine cut this beauty!

Cutting our Easter Bunny and Carrot Banner

WOOHOO! It is NOW time to cut our Easter Banner out with our Cutting machine!

So now we are ready for our cutting mats. We can use the light blue mat or the green mat, the choice is yours and it depends on which material you are using.

Want to learn more about the cricut cutting mats? Check out my article- Cricut Cutting Mats- All you need to know about cricut cutting mats.

Let’s put our white cardstock on our cutting mat and load it into our machine by pressing the flashing arrow button. It will load the mat.

Loading our cutting machine so it can cut our Easter  Banner

Then we are going to hit the cricut button to start the cut of our bunny tails. Watch your awesome machine go to town:)

Once it is done cutting, lets unload our mat, and peel off the sheet. Then we can take our scraper and grab our little heart tails off the mat.

Our bunny tails for our Bunny that are going to make our DIY Banner

Then we are going to continue on and put our black cardstock on the mat and repeat the steps until you have cut each and every single mat.

So we now have each and every single mat cut and all the pieces in front of us, let’s start assembling the Easter Banner and stringing it together.

Assembling our Easter Bunny and Carrot Banner

Step 1-

We are going to start by gluing the Heart Tails to the Bunnies. And repeat this step until all the Bunny Tails are on each and every bunny.

Putting our DIY Easter Banner together- gluing the bunny tail on the bunny

Step 2-

We are now ready to start gluing the carrots together. The reason I made the back layer for this carrot is to give it some sturdiness so it’s not so flimsy. So lets start gluing the orange carrot and green stem to the black out line. Repeat until all the carrots are glued together.

Gluing the carrot for our Easter Bunny Banner

WOOHOO! We have officially glued all the pieces together for our Banner now it’s time to hole punch and string them together with our ribbon or cord.

Hole Punching our Easter Bunny and Carrot

WOW! We have come along way and we are almost done making this Adorable Easter Bunny Banner.

We are now ready to hole punch the Carrot and Easter Bunny so we can string them together to make the Banner.

So lets grab our hole punch and honestly the placement of the holes is up to you, but I will be adding pictures below so you have an idea of where I placed mine.

I couldn’t find my hole punch so I used a paper punch which was interesting to say the least. LOL

Hole punching the carrot for our DIY Easter Banner
Placement for the hole on the Carrot
Hole Punching our bunny-Placement and hole punching for the Bunny
Placement and hole punching for the Bunny
Punching the holes in our banner-Aligning up the already hole punched bunny to the others so the placement would be exact.
Aligning up the already hole punched bunny to the others so the placement would be exact.

We are now ready to string together the Easter Banner:)

Stringing the Easter Bunny and Carrot Banner together

So we are now ready to string our easter Banner together! WOOHOO!

Let’s grab our ribbon or string and string them onto it. My pattern was carrot, bunny, carrot, bunny, carrot, bunny, carrot, bunny, carrot.

TIP: Make sure you string them all the same way so they are facing the right way. LOL When I hung mine up I had a few strung the wrong way so I had to take it down and restring them the right way. LOL

You can always check after each one to make sure they are facing the same direction.


We have officially made ourselves a

DIY EASTER BUNNY AND CARROT BANNER to hang in our beautiful homes this Easter!

DIY Easter Bunny and Carrot Banner made using our Cricut Cutting Machine

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