Lets Create as a family with these adorable Holiday Brushes

Cute DIY Holiday Paint Brushes

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Cute DIY Holiday Paint Brushes

Oh this Holiday Season is so much fun with crafting crafting crafting! Crissa, Tim, and I are crafting so much for our Farmers Market! I thought I would share these cute little DIY Christmas Paint Brushes with you! They are a great addition to any decor and just make you smile when you look at them. It’s a win win.

Materials need for this Project

Materials needed for this Cute DIY Holiday Paint Brushes
  • 2in Paint brush or 3in paint brush
  • felt (green or red)
  • googly eyes
  • holly
  • hot glue gun
  • Masking tape
  • pompom balls (red and green)
  • paint brush to paint with
  • red paint
  • white paint

To start we are going to unwrap the 2in and 3in brushes and use masking tape to tape off the metal so we do not get red paint on it. After we tape it off, we are going to get some red paint and paint the whole handle red.

Taping off the metal with tape so we don't need to worry about getting the red paint on the metal

After the paint brush handle is painted, prop it up, and let it dry. Once the paint brush is dry lets go ahead and remove the tape.

Cutting the felt

Now that our paint brush handle is drying , lets cut the felt. Grab some good cutting scissors and cut the felt how you want it. This is a personal choice, however I did double the felt up so it was thicker. I then measured around the brush and cut the felt where they met in the back.

Measuring how thick the felt should be to fit our DIY Holiday Paint Brush
Measured how thick I wanted the band and then folded it over.
Measuring around the handle of the paint brush for our DIY Paint Brushes
I then measured around the brush and cut it where the ends met

Once the felt is cut, lets go ahead and plug our hot glue gun in. WE can gather our eyes and pompom balls for the nose. WE are now ready to glue

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Gluing the pieces in place for our cute DIY Holiday Paint Brushes

The Felt

Lets start gluing the felt first. We are going to glue the doubled up felt together, so match up the ends and glue. We are going to trim the felt even if it’s not already. Once the felt is even, we are going to glue the felt to the paint brush, making sure it is in line with the ridge that is right above all the little lines. It should be even and connect in the back.

I tried it with a overlap and it didn’t look quite right so I made sure I measured it to meet up almost perfect in the back.

The eyes and nose

I changed up the spacing on most of my brushes so just decide where you want your eyes and nose to go. I played with the spacing of the eyes and man it does change the look of the brush! (at least to me) That’s what I love about crafting!

Lets go ahead and attach the Holly to the felt. I did use stickers of Holly that I did also glue down but with normal glue.

Adding the white polka dots

Adding the Polka Dots to the handle of our cute DIY Holiday Paint Brushes
Adding the Polka Dots for the DIY Holiday Paint Brushes

This is definitely your call! You can add different colored polka dots, use vinyl as the dots, etc…

TA-DA You have now made your Cute little Holiday Paint Brushes!!!! Now drop me a picture of yours in the comments and at AMANDAS CRAFT CORNER and tell me what you liked most about this project!

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