Creating and designing a DIY Mother's day Card using our cutting machine

DIY Mother’s Day Card using our cutting machine

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I do have to say I really enjoy playing around in Design Space to make some pretty amazing things! Especially cards! I just love creating and designing cards so I can send my parents Personalized one of a kind, kind of cards. Today we are going to be making a Mother’s Day card from scratch.

I remember when I was just starting, I wanted to learn how to make and design cards, not just get a free card template. So today we are going to be making a Mother’s day card.

We will be using some basic shapes, using the offset, welding, slicing, changing a cut line to a draw line and then adding some embellishments from the images in Cricut Design Space.

Creating and putting together a Beautiful DIY Mother's day card. We will start from scratch and build it together in this fun video tutorial

I am so thrilled to teach you how to make this DIY Mother’s Day Card! This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you! Read my full disclosure here.

New to Cricut Design Space? Check out my Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cricut Design Space

Materials needed for this DIY Mother’s Day Card

Let’s get started shall we?

Creating the Card Base

I was going to write this whole Mother’s Day tutorial out, but I found it a bit difficult so I recorded the process and added the videos to this post!

The first video does have it all typed out, but the second and last video do not. You will find the image numbers underneath the second video.

This is a brand new journey for me, but I thought it would be more helpful than trying to write all of this out. Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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The Videos below will walk you through each and every step to make this beautiful Mother’s Day Card from scratch. If you have any questions, Please feel free to reach out and I will answer them!

Step 1

To start this card base, Let’s go into shapes and grab a Square. We are going to unlock it and drag it out to 11.822 (W) x 6.667 (H). That was the final size my card ended up being.

Step 2

Let us go back and grab another square and change the color so we can see the difference between them. Duplicate the colored square 2 times. See video for sizing and placement. (:31 seconds)

Step 3

Once the size and placement are good, Select all three squares (select one and hold the shift key down and select the other two. The three squares are selected now, so let’s head up to the align icon (top panel) and select align right and you will see the shift.

While the three are still selected, Head down to the bottom right corner and hit the weld icon, which is the second icon. We have now made that one piece!

Step 4

Next we are going to select the green piece that we just welded and also the grey piece (hold the shift key) then head down to the bottom right corner again and hit Slice.

If you need more help with the slice and weld tool you can check out the series I wrote starting with the slice tool. These tutorials will explain and help you with each tool.

All you need to know about the Slice Tool

Everything you need to know about the Attach, Group and Weld Tool

The Text Icon to type out MOM (2:30)

Head on over to the left side panel and hit the text icon. In the first box type M. Lets hit the text icon again and type an O. And repeat that for the last M.

For the Font I am using Beefcakes

You can find similar FREE fonts here.

We are going to make the letters a bit bigger to fit right inside those cubby’s. LOL (2:55 in video)

We are going to get ready to use the NEW offset Tool:) WOOHOO

If you want to learn more about Text and how to create curves, use the special character map, and create Monograms, I got you covered! Editing Text in Cricut Design Space

Using the Offset Tool (3:20)

Select one of your letters and head on up to the offset icon and it should be set at .25 in and the default is the curve which I like. Then click apply and you will see your letter change.

If yours is different, let’s go ahead and change that now, unless you want to experiment!

So let us do each letter like that and hit apply each time.

Now lets click on the grey area of the offset and change that color. I changed mine to blue, but you can change yours to whatever color you wish.

Using the Weld Icon to create the Mothers Day Card Base

First thing we are going to do is move the letters out of the way. So just move the two M’s and the O to the side for right now.

Offsets and Green Base

We are now going to maneuver the offsets into those cubby’s and make sure the bottom M is even with the bottom of the card so your Mother’s Day Card sits right. We want to make sure to overlap the offset with the green and also overlap each other. (4:31 in the video above)

So now that everything is overlapped and connected, Lets select the 3 blue offsets and also the green base. Select the top M offset, hold your shift key down, select the O offset, the bottom M offset, and also the Green Base.

Head down to the bottom right hand corner and hit weld. We have now made that one piece:) Right click and send it to the back or you can head to the top where it says arrange and send to back.

Now duplicate it and set it off to the side for right now.

Lets grab our letters and see how they look over what we just welded. WOOHOO!

Grey Panel and Blue Panel

Now we are going to take the grey panel and overlay it with the blue. (6:10 in the video above) Once it is overlapped with the blue we are going to make sure it is selected, hold the shift key down, and head up to align and choose align top or align bottom. Both should work.

While they are both still selected, let’s head down to the bottom right corner and hit the weld icon. Then right click and send it back again. If you want you can also change the color.

Now we are ready to take that other blue piece we duplicated a minute ago, head up to the flip icon, and flip it vertical.

Once it is flipped lets line it up like the video shows. Please refer to the video for this section if you are reading this. (6:50 in the video above) The align didn’t line it up like I wanted to so I just eyeballed it. (7:35 in the video above)

Once it is aligned, hold your shift key down, select the other blue base, and head down to weld and weld it together. (8:02 in the video above)

WOOHOO!!! We just completed our card base!

Duplicating the M O M

We are now going to select the M and hit duplicate two times and then select the O and hit duplicate. (8:17 in the video above)

Making the panels for the Mother’s Day Card- (9:35 in video)

We are now ready to make the panels for the card. Lets go into the shapes icon and select a square, unlock it and size it just smaller than the right side of the card base where the M is.

Then duplicate it and do the same for the second where the O is. Again once that one is done, duplicate it again, and do the same for the last M.

Please refer to the video! ( 9:42 in video above)

Once you are happy with the layout select the three squares, head up to align and align right. While they are still all selected head down and hit the weld icon.

You just made your side panel! WOOHOO! Now all you have to do is duplicate it one or two times, depending on how many panels you want for your Mother’s Day Card. Depending on where the panel is going, you may have to flip it.

Decorating the right side Panel

I went into images, Left panel, and typed in Mother’s Day and selected what I wanted to use. It’s ok if you want to use different images. If you want to use the saying that I did the number is

Saying on the right panel- #MAE3F27A

We need to size that saying to the right side panel (12:22 in video) So let’s unlock it and size it to the size you are happy with.

Now instead of cutting all of that, we are going to head up to operation where it says basic cut and click on that. Another window opens lets head down to the draw section and select pen. We just told our cricut it is going to draw that instead of cut.


We still need to let our cricut machine know where to draw it to.

So lets select the image and also the panel we want it to draw on and head down and hit attach. We just told our cricut machine that we want that image drawn to that side panel.

NOTE: If for some reason you had the same problem I did attaching it, just follow along in the video. We want that attached to the top of the panel. For some reason cricut sometimes throws it to the back. (13:00-13:45 explains)

The end of the video above gives you some numbers of the images I used. They are listed under the next Video. All you have to do is copy the numbers with the # and paste them into the search bar.

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Choosing the Embellishments and adding them to the Mother’s Day Card

Images and numbers used for the card in this video. Please follow along with the video:)

  • Mother with buttons- Only used buttons- #MAE3F25D
  • Happy Mother’s Day– Happy, butterflies and flower- #MAE3F2FA
  • Mother’s Day with Flowers-used whole thing- #MAE3F27A
  • Dragonfly 1#MAE3F27A
  • Dragonfly 2#MAE3F27A

Just a quick note! The dragonflies did not cut very well being that small.

Assembling our DIY Mother’s Day Card

Creating a Beautiful Mother's day card- DIY from scratch with our cutting machine

A big Congratulations to You! You just made this Beautiful DIY Mother’s Day Card using our cutting machine!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me see those amazing incredible DIY crafting projects!

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6 thoughts on “DIY Mother’s Day Card using our cutting machine”

  1. Love this! I feel like this type of card can be made for any other occasion, not just Mother’s Day. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to make it myself 🙂

    1. YES YES YES Gaukhar! That is my goal! I may make them for a specific occasion, but you can take what I teach you and apply it to anything!!! YES! That is why I just love love love crafting! Can’t wait to see what you come up with:) And I am a message or email away if you need some help or guidance:)

  2. This looks like such a cool project! I’m not familiar with that design program, but do you think Canva would create similar results? Or is it not as advanced?

    1. Emmeline Cricut Design Space is a design program for a cutting machine. OMG I have never thought about trying it in Canva. I am not sure if it would work or not, but hey lets give it a try! I think it would be fun to experiment with! Now my brain is going LOL Thank you so much!

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