Valentines day Projects with 2 free SVGs

DIY Valentine’s Day Shirts with 2 FREE SVGs

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Lets download these two free SVGs and start making some Valentine's Day Projects with them.

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, so why not get a jumpstart on your DIY Valentine’s Day Projects with these free SVG files. Below is a form to fill out. Let’s get you signed up for these two free SVGs. Once you confirm your subscription it should automatically open in a new window:)

So you have now confirmed your subscription for your FREE SVGs. WOOHOO.

A new window opened with the file so let’s go ahead and save those Valentine’s Day SVGs to your computer. (Remember where you are saving them to so you can locate it)

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Materials Needed for this project

Uploading the Valentine’s Day SVG into Cricut Design Space

Now we are going to open up cricut design space, start a blank canvas, and go to the upload icon on the left panel of design space. Click on upload image and locate that file you just saved.

Need a bit of help with the icons in design space? NO problem. Head on over to my Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cricut Design Space

Now it may say that some elements aren’t available and if it does that’s ok. Just import it anyways because it will import correctly. The image below shows you what it looks like being imported. Hit Save.

Importing a  image (SVG) of the Valentines Day SVGs into Cricut Design Space

Next lets click on the recently uploaded SVG and go to the bottom right hand button that says insert images and click on that. We now have the SVGs on a new blank canvas.

The SVGs are now on our canvas, go ahead and duplicate it, then let’s head up to the right hand panel and click on the ungroup icon.

You now have two of the same Valentine’s Day designs on your canvas. One still grouped together and one ungrouped.

NOTE: I spaced mine out below to show you what the ungroup does to the svgs. You do not need to spread them out. I was just showing you.

Two of the same images. Once grouped together and one ungrouped

Preparing the SVG file in Cricut Design Space

First Lets go ahead and select the Be Mine text and go ahead and weld that together. The weld icon is in the bottom right hand corner, next to slice and attach. We just made that one layer vs the 6 layers it was.

More on the Welding Icon? Check out My article on Attach, Group, and weld icon in Cricut Design Space

Picture below shows you the welded result.

If you would like the hearts to remain as they are, lets go ahead and select the hearts and go down to the bottom right hand corner and hit the Attach icon so they will hold their place on the cutting mat.

NOTE: You can change the SVG Around if you want the words someplace else. Now would be the time to get the placing you want if you want to change it up. Once you get the SVG how you want it, continue on. I will wait:)

Now lets draw a box around the Be Mine SVG including the hearts (holding your left mouse button down) or you can select the Be Mine then hold the shift key down (depending on the computer you are using) and select the hearts.

Either way you will get the same results which is that the whole SVG File is selected. See Image Below

Make sure you size it to the size you will need for the shirt or onesie you are putting it on.

TIP: If you are not 100% sure on size you can always work with a template in Cricut Design Space! You would just need to go into Templates and choose a shirt template. (This is ONLY for reference. It will disappear when you cut.)

If you need more on templates and how to work with them, Check out my Post Working with Templates in Cricut Design Space.

So now that the whole SVG Cut file is selected, lets go ahead and Group the whole thing together. WOOHOO That Valentines SVG cut file is ready to be sent to the cutting machine!

But we have one more to do so Lets get that Love, Kisses, and Valentine’s Wishes Ready to cut as well.

Love, Kisses, and Valentine’s Wishes SVG

Alright, So here I grouped the Hearts and Stars separately from everything else. So lets move those off to the side so we can weld the words together to make it one cut. See image below.

Now that we have the hearts and stars moved, lets go ahead and select each word and weld them together. So select the word Love and head down to the weld icon and weld them together. Continue with each word that needs welded.

So now that all of our words are welded together let’s sync the pink colors to just one pink. (I did that on purpose so we could use the ColorSync Icon.)

Using the ColorSync in Cricut Design Space

Now, I did use different colors of pink for this SVG, but let’s say we wanted all the pinks the same color. I did this on purpose so we can use the ColorSync icon, located right under the Make It Button.

Lets click on the ColorSync and a screen like this pops up. Don’t mind my two arrows in there. You won’t have those.

Now we can drag all the pinks to one tab so they all change to that one Pink you want to use. And there you have it. We just made all those different pinks one pink like the image below.

Just for fun, Lets hit the make it button and look at our cut mats. YIKES- it’s a scrambled mess right? So lets cancel that cut and continue on. I thought I would show you that so when that happens you know what to do.

Attaching the Valentine’s Day SVG together

Now we are going to select the Love, &, and wishes by holding the shift key down and selecting each word I just named. Then hit attach.

Next lets select the red words- Select both words – Kisses and Valentine’s and do the same thing, hit attach.

NOTE: You may have to move the pink words over to do this because we just attached them, therefore they are in front of the red words now because attach brings it to the front. See image below.

Now lets grab that grouped together hearts and stars and place them where we want them for this Valentines Day SVG File. You can do many things here. You can change the size, color, etc.

Once they are placed, make sure they are selected, and head down to…. Yep you guessed it the attach icon and hit attach.

Now if you want to hold the place of everything red lets send those hearts and stars to the back so we can then attach everything red together so it takes the guessing out of placement.

Sending to the back– You can right click and send to back or you can go up to the arrange icon on the top panel and hit send to back.

Now that we did that we can select everything red, which includes the hearts, stars, kisses, and Valentine’s, so go ahead and hold that shift key down and select those, then go down and hit attach.

NOTE: If you wanted it completely grouped together so it moves as a unit you can select the whole Valentine’s Day SVG and hit Group so it doesn’t move in sections.

Either way is up to you. I tend to group them all together because it makes it easier when working with a more complex SVG.

Before we send it to the mats to cut, we need to size these to the size we want it to be on the shirt, onesie, etc. The sizing is really your call. So look at the shirt and figure out how big or small it needs to be.

Sending our Valentine’s Day SVG Cut files to the Mat

WOOHOO! I am just so proud of you! You made it this far! Lets pat yourself on the back. You did it. And that is totally awesome! I am giving you a high five right now.

We are now going to hit the make it button and should see three or four different mats because we are working with three different colors and will vary depending on the size you made the SVG File.

You will now notice that all of our design is holding its place on the mats so we do not have to guess when it comes to spacing. See image below. Everything is in the right position so we don’t have to guess with the spacing when applying it to that DIY t-shirt.

Alright so we are super happy with everything, lets hit the green continue button and head over to selecting our material.

Here the choice is yours. You can make shirts with HTV/ Iron on (they are the same thing), Drinking Glasses with Vinyl, Wood sign with Vinyl or HTV, etc.

Just make sure whatever you are working with and on, the size of your SVG file is right. You can go back and size it with how big or small you would like this.

Selecting the Material (Iron-on / Heat Transfer Vinyl)

Once your size is correct lets continue and that takes us to the screen that we select our material on. Make sure you select the correct machine you will be using. We are making shirts so we would then select the iron on for material.

NOTE: I would like to say MOST Iron-on needs to be mirrored. I thought it was all until recently. I ordered a buffalo plaid pattern and not thinking about it, just acted like it was any other Iron-on(HTV), Then I couldn’t get it to weed, so I looked at the instructions and the patterned Iron-on (HTV) was treated like a vinyl.

UGH… OMG when that happened I was so frustrated. LOL So lesson learned, just always check the directions because some work like vinyl.

If you are using solid colors, those get mirrored. Patterns-always check. So our images are mirrored and our cricut is ready to cut.

Mats & Cutting

We will be using the light grip mat (Blue) because our material is pretty thin and light. You can also use the green standard grip if you want.

If you want to learn more about mats and which you should use for what, check out my article on the Different Cutting Mats- All you need to know about your Cricut Cutting Mats.

Placing the iron-on on our cutting mat

Alright so we have our mat and material selected, now lets grab our iron on material and place the iron on shiny side down. And make sure your images are mirrored. (depending on your material)

Note: If you have some bubbles just take your scraper across the material to smooth them out.

Loading the right blade

So let’s make sure the fine point blade is the blade installed in your cutting machine. Now we are going to load our mat by pressing the blinking arrow on your cricut machine.

Once it loads the mat then go ahead and hit the cricut button to start the cutting process. Watch your awesome little machine go to town:)

You will get prompted when your cut is complete, then all you have to do is unload the mat and begin weeding out the areas you do not need.


Alright so we are now ready to weed. We are going to weed all of the pieces we do not need. And leave the pieces we do need.

Note: If you used a hole sheet for a cut, cut out your SVG and save the other material for later!

Take your time here and enjoy the process. I think weeding is so relaxing! It may just be me, but it relaxes me and lets my mind flow.

Transferring the Iron-on(HTV) to your shirt

OH we are just so close:)

After the cutting and weeding is complete, we are now ready to transfer our iron-on to our shirt. WOOHOO!

TIP: Cricut recommends that you always pre wash your shirts before you press them. So make sure your shirt is washed and ready to go.

So lets walk to our heat press and set it to the temperature that cricut recommends, which is 330 F for everyday Iron-on and a cotton shirt.

If you are using a different material or your shirt is not 100% cotton, here is Cricut’s AWESOME guide to help you figure it out.

Step 1

Once your heat press is heated lets go ahead and place your t-shirt down so we can press it for 5-10 seconds to get the wrinkles out. We are going to press the area in which you are laying your design on.

Nothing is worse than having your iron on all messed up due to wrinkles on your shirt. YES It has happened to me more than once. LOL

Step 2

Lay your design on your shirt where you want it to be. (liner side on top) Lets cover your design with some parchment paper and gently press the design on your shirt for 30 seconds.

Depending on what kind of heat press you are working with this could vary. Once you are done pressing check and see if the design stuck to your shirt. WOOHOOO It’s on your shirt.

Step 3

I always wait a few seconds before I start peeling off. Let it cool so you don’t burn yourself, maybe 20-30 seconds, then remove the lining from your design.

One of our Finished shirts using one of the free Valentine's Day SVGs.

Congrats!!!! You just made that shirt 🥳

I hope you found this Tutorial extremely helpful! Now I want to see your designs! Make sure you leave a comment below with a picture of your creation!

I am so super excited to see what your creations look like!

You can also head on over to my FB page and post your creations there too! I want my tribe to feel supported! And I will gladly answer any of your questions there!

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