DIY Wood Sign Hippie Soul

Hippie Soul DIY Wood Home Decor Sign

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Lately, I have been on more of a spiritual, getting to know myself, kind of journey! I do have to say it’s an amazing interesting one! I am finding out I love making crafts that improve and benefit my life. So today, we will be making a Hippie Soul DIY Wood Home Decor Sign to hang in our beautiful homes or offices.

I have been on a self-discovery path for a while now and just get so wrapped up in the things I am learning that I just want to share share share with you! So you can also improve your life and start living the life you dream of!

Before we get started:

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How to create a Hippie Soul DIY Wood Home Decor Sign using our cutting machine and Iron-on which is HTV

I am so excited to teach you how to make this DIY Hippie Soul Home Decor Sign! This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you! Read my full disclosure here.

Making a DIY Hippie Soul Home Decor Sign

Before we get into this exciting DIY Hippie Soul Home Decor Sign tutorial I want to give you an overview of what we will be doing.

I have provided the SVG file below. Make sure you download it and remember where you are saving it to.

We will edit the SVG cut file in Cricut Design Space, send it to our mat preview, cut the SVG, weed the design, and lay the design out on our wood sign, and finally heat pressing the design to our DIY Wood sign.

Hippie Soul SVG Cut file- FREE

We are now ready to get started so make sure you download the SVG file. 😉 And follow along.

Materials needed for this Project

Wood Sign

Before we begin, let us make a decision if we want our sign painted or not. If so, let us paint that sign so it has time to dry before we heat press it with iron-on (htv).

I made the decision to take an infusible ink sheet and heat press it to the wood to create the wood sign as you see. If you would like more information, feel free to send me an email:)

Cricut Design Space

Alright so once you have that SVG downloaded, the one I provided above,  we are going to log into Cricut design space and start a blank canvas.

Still, learning Cricut Design Space? No problem at all, Check out my Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cricut Design Space

Uploading the File into Cricut Design Space

So you have now downloaded the SVG file and have Design Space open with a new canvas started.

On the left side panel there is an icon called upload, click on that, then click on upload image like the first picture shows. That will take you to a screen like the second image.

Now we are going to hit the browse button and a (2) pop-up appears. This is where you are going to locate the file you just saved.

Uploading an image into Cricut design space
Browsing and locating a file that you downloaded in Cricut Design Space

Once you have located the file, select it, and then you are taken to a page that will say Name and Tag Pattern. You can rename it or place a tag on it for easy finding later on. (see image below)

Then once you are done hit Upload in the bottom right-hand corner. (see image below)

Uploading the Hippie Soul SVG  cut file into Cricut Design Space. Naming, tagging, and clicking upload when done.

Now that new SVG file will be saved in your recently uploaded images. Select the Hippie Soul SVG file and insert it onto your canvas. (that little aqua button in the bottom right corner)

 The Hippie Soul SVG file will now show up on your canvas area in Cricut Design Space.

We just uploaded an SVG into Cricut Design Space and are now ready to continue on. There are a few more steps we need to take to get this cut ready for our Home Decor Sign.

Ungrouping and Welding our Hippie Soul SVG

The first thing we are going to do here is to make sure the SVG is selected, head up to the ungroup icon (under the make it icon 2nd icon over), and ungroup this SVG.

Figure out which SVG you are using and you can delete the other one. You can use both if you desire to! Just make sure you follow the same steps for both. I made a black one and a colored SVG.

The second step is to select the peace sign (right panel-the one with a lot of layers) and head down to the weld icon and weld it together. If you are using both SVGs do that for both right now.

The Third Step is to select the Sul, hold your shift key down, and also select the peace sign in the right-side panel and head down to the weld icon, and weld it together. (see image below) Once they are welded together it will become one layer.

If you are using both images, do that for both SVGs.

Welding our Hippie Soul SVG together.

If you wanted to play around here with colors, now is the time to explore that option. You can add things to this Hippie Soul SVG or leave it as it is. The possibilities are endless. Go ahead and explore your creativity here.

Optional: If you wanted to take the guesswork out of placement you can do that now.

Taking the Guesswork out of Spacing (optional)

STEP ONE: select Soul, hold your shift key, and select that aqua color feather. Then head down to the bottom right corner and hit attach, which is the paperclip.

STEP TWO: Repeat that with the word Hippie and that pink feather. So select the Hippie word, hold your shift key down, and select the pink feather. Now head down to attach and hit it.

Plain Black SVG: Select the word Hippie, Hold your shift key down, select Soul. Head on to attach and/or weld and attach or weld those together.

That just told design space to save that spacing for your cut.

Sizing this Hippie Soul SVG to the size of our Home Decor Sign

The SVG cut file will need to be resized to fit the home decor sign you are putting it on. So let’s go ahead and size it to the size of your choice.

2 ways to resize your SVG for your Home Decor Sign

  • The first way to resize your SVG is by simply selecting it  and dragging out the bottom right corner.
  • Second way to resize is by going to the top panel and directly putting in the size that you want.


For this project, it does not matter, but I did want to tell you about templates if you are unaware of them.

NOTE: There are templates you can work within Design Space that will help guide you in this process if you are unsure of the size.

I have a whole article on Templates- Working with Templates in Cricut Design Space

Quick steps for templates

  • Left side panel there is an icon called templates click it
  • Look for the template you need
  • Change the size and color to what you are working with

NOTE: Templates are only guides. They are just there as a reference and will disappear when you hit the make it button.

We are now ready to cute this amazing Hippie Soul SVG. 🥳

Hitting the Make it Button

Oh, we are soooo close, I am getting super excited!

So we are now ready to cut this beauty! Let’s head up to the Make it button, top right side panel-aqua button. (your button colors may be a different color)

Preparing your mats

Here you can change your material size to the size you are using. I usually always leave it at 12 x 12 but some people don’t like doing that!

NOTE: if you do use the whole 12 x 12 material, once it is cut you can always trim off the part that was not used before you weed it to use for another project! That question comes up a lot.

VERY IMPORTANT– The mirror icon needs to be on (mirrored) because we are working with Iron-on (HTV).

So before we go any further let’s toggle the mirror on underneath each mat.

Make it- Preparing your cutting mats. The mirror icon needs to be toggled on because we are working with iron-on (htv)

Once everything is the way you want it, let us hit continue, and that takes you to the Material Screen.

Material Screen

So on the left, you can see that we are cutting three 12 x 12 mats and that our mirror is on! WOOHOO

Now we are going to select the everyday Iron-on material, which for me was right below the browse all materials, but you may have to browse for it. And our Cricut machine is ready to go.

Material screen in Cricut Design Space

Did you know you can star materials you use all the time?

Did you know if there are materials you always work with, you can star them as your favorites so that you don’t have to look for them each and every time?

If you move your mouse on top of the material block a star appears in the right top corner. Star it and it will be there each and every time you come to this screen:)


So we are now ready to cut our Iron-on (HTV)

Getting our mat and material ready

We are going to grab our light blue mat or green mat, the choice is yours.

If you need more information on Cricut cutting mats you can check out my article on The Differences between the Cricut Cutting Mats-All you need to know

Next, we are going to place our iron-on (HTV) shiny side down on our mat.

Placing our Iron-on on our cutting mat so our SVG can be cut for our DIY Wood Home Decor Sign


If you place it the wrong way you will be cutting the transparent film and not the Iron-on material. And Yes my friend, I have done this many many times. 

Loading the mat into our cricut machine

Make sure your Cricut has the fine point blade and we are ready to load our mat in our machine.

The arrow light will be flashing, so let’s press that and it will load the mat. Once that is done, your Cricut button will be waiting to be pressed. OFF your mat goes to be cut by this Awesome machine.

Design Space will then let you know when it is done cutting, when you get that prompt go ahead and unload your cutting mat. Peel off the HTV, then place another color on, shiny side down, on the mat, and repeat until all mats are cut.

Now we are left with two pieces of HTV (Iron-on) that are cut and ready to be weeded.

NOW, is the time if you have extra material to cut it off so we don’t waste our material.

Weeding the SVG for our DIY Hippie Soul Home Decor Sign

I know I just said this, but If you used material bigger than what you cut and have extra, NOW is the time to trim off the extra material.

We are now going to take our weeding tool and get rid of what we do not need.

Weeding our Hippie Soul SVG with feathers for our DIY Wood Home Décor Sign

Relax and enjoy this process. Weeding can be super fun and relaxing if you allow it to be.

Applying the Iron-on (HTV) to Our Wood Home Decor Sign

OH, we are just so close:)

After the cutting and weeding are complete, we are now ready to transfer our HTV (iron-on) to our DIY Wood Sign. WOOHOO!

So let’s walk to our heat press and set it to the temperature, which is 315 F for iron-on.

Not sure? I did link the Cricut heat guide below.

If you are using a different material or are just unsure, here is Cricut’s AWESOME guide to help you figure it out.

Step 1-

Lay your sign out and figure out how you want to lay the Design- Hippie Soul out on your wood sign. The layout is going to be totally up to you!

Step 2-

Once you get the design how you want it on your wood sign, let us go ahead and cover it with the parchment/butcher paper and heat press the design for about 20-30 seconds.

NOTE: You may need to cut the film here so all the HTV (iron-on) is on the wood sign and not the film. If the HTV is on the film you will adhere it to the film and not the wood. So make sure it is clear of the film.

Once the 20-30 seconds are up, lift up the heat-press, then the film and make sure the Iron-on (HTV) is stuck to your Awesome Hippie Soul Wood Sign. It should be, but if for some reason it’s not, heat-press again for another 15-25 seconds.

Our completed DIY Wood Home Decor Sign that reads Hippie Soul with 2 feathers

🥳Congrats!!!! You just made this awesome DIY Hippie Soul Home Decor Wood Sign🥳

Step By step Tutorial- Hippie Soul DIY Wood Home Decor Sign using our cutting machine

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