How to Take a Gnome SVG cut file and turn it into a beautiful Gnome Birthday Card

How to make a Birthday Card out of a Gnome SVG

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Oh I am just soooo excited about this Gnome Birthday card! I took an SVG my sister in law made for me and turned it into a birthday card for her! I thought, umm Let me show her what her work looks like in action.

It came out awesome and I thought it would be a great project to share with you:) You can adjust and edit for any occasion and can use it over and over again. Plus who doesn’t just love Gnomes.

First things first. Lets get you the SVG file. So click below and sign up to get the free Gnome SVG delivered right to your inbox. Remember where you are saving the file to, because we will upload it into cricut design space.

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Materials needed for this Gnome Birthday Card

Uploading the Gnome SVG into Design Space

So you have now signed up for the SVG cut file and saved it. It is now time to upload it into cricut design space. So lets open up cricut design space and start a new blank canvas.

Head on over to the upload icon on the left side panel (it’s the last icon on the left panel) and click on it. There are two options here. Upload image or Upload pattern and because this is an SVG Image we are going to click on Upload image. See image below.

We are now taken to a screen that says Drag and Drop file here or Browse. You are going to browse and locate the file, hence why I stated remember where you are saving this file too earlier.

So we have now located the file, lets click on it and we are now taken to a screen that allows us to name and tag it, then once we are done lets click on Save in the bottom right hand corner. See image below

Now lets select the recently uploaded image and insert it onto our blank canvas area. See image below.

WOOHOO our gnome is on our canvas. Your Gnome will have hands. I added them in as an after thought.

Making the card base for our Gnome Birthday Card

So now we have our cute little gnome on our canvas, lets resize the Gnome to 3.586 (W) x 8.237 (H).

You can do this by heading to the top bar and locate the size icon. Just enter in the measurements.

Now lets make sure it is selected and duplicate the Gnome (right click and hit duplicate (shown Below) or duplicate on the top right hand side panel under layers and colorsync)

Awesome so now we have two Gnomes on our canvas. Move one out of the way for right now.

Ungroup and move the nose

We are going to select one of the Gnomes and go up to ungroup icon in the right side panel and click on it or you can right click (depending on the computer you are on) and hit ungroup.

The only thing we have to do here is move the nose to cover up that slit. See Image below.

We are now going to select the whole image

  1. You can draw a box around the image or you can select each and every layer while holding the shift key down and selecting each individually. I tend to draw a box around mine by clicking and dragging. See image below.

Welding the Gnome to make part of card base

So one of our Gnomes is selected now, Lets head down to the bottom of the right hand panel and click on weld. WOOHOO! We now have one part of our card base. Image below shows you what the weld Icon did to our Gnome.

This image shows you what the weld did to our Gnome. We now have part of our card base.

Duplicating and Flipping to make the other part of the card base

We are now going to duplicate the solid gnome and head up to the flip icon, located on the top panel, and flip it horizontal. The images below show you the steps and the results.

This image shows you that we duplicated our solid gnome and we are heading up to the top panel and clicking on Flip-there’s a drop down select flip Horizontal
The results of our flip horizontal. We now have almost completed the card base:)

Bringing the Birthday Card Base Together

Alright so we now have two separate pieces for our card base. Lets overlap them like the below image.

Like the image says above, lets select both pieces, once they are over lapped, and head down to the weld icon and weld them together so they are one piece:)

We now have our card base complete! WOOHOO!

Now our Gnome has a place to be glued to. So our original Gnome is going to go over the base like so.

Adding the sign and balloons to our card

Now lets head into images (left side panel) and search for the numbers below or you can add the extras that you would like. The choice is yours. I searched for sign and birthday balloons in cricut access.

  • Sign- #M41A38
  • Balloons- #M1E81E39D
These are the embellishments we are using for the Gnome Birthday Card.

Editing the sign

I am sure you looked over at your layers panel and seen that the sign has 6 different layers. We don’t want all those. We only want three of those layers.

So lets head over to the layers panel and click the eye on for each layer that is hidden. You should now see each and every layer.

We are going to Ungroup the sign and select the top 2 layers (the tan and darker brown sign) and the bottom black layer (the black back layer for the sign). Everything else we can delete. See Image below.

We are going to be drawing the Happy Birthday words with our cricut so we do not want those slits in the middle of the sign.

Lets go into shapes, left side panel, and grab a square. Size it to 0.958 (W) x 0.958 (H) and put in over the slits like the picture below shows you.

Then we are going to select the tan piece of the sign and the square and head down and hit weld. See image below.

We are now ready to type out Happy Birthday

Typing out the Happy Birthday

On your left side panel lets hit the text icon and type out Happy in one text box and Birthday in another text box. Then we are going to size them to our sign.

The Happy is sized at 1.268 (W) x 0.473 (H) and the Birthday is sized to 1.614 (W) x 0.458 (H)

We are now going to head up to the top panel, make sure one of the words is selected, and change the Line-type to a draw line, instead of a cut line, for each word. So you will be doing this for the Happy and the Birthday (two times). See image below

Attaching the Words to the sign

So your awesome little machine needs help from you. You need to tell it what to do because as of right now it will just draw them, but it doesn’t have a specific place to draw them.

Lets select our word Happy and the tan part of our sign and head down to the bottom right hand side panel and click on attach. Or again you can right click and do the same

Lets repeat that with the word Birthday. We have now just told our cricut machine that we want those words drawn to the tan part of the sign. WOOHOO Our sign is now attached and looks like this.

I did rotate my sign so he will be holding it at an angle. The size of the sign is 2.587 (W) x 3.156 (H).

Editing the Balloons

The only thing we really need to do here is size the balloons, but I did change one of the colors of the balloons. I didn’t want the pink balloon so I changed it to green.

Changing the colors of the balloons

If you want to change any color of the balloons, all you have to do is go to the layers panel (right side) and click on the layer you want to change the color of and head up to the color right next to linetype and change it. See image below

Now we are ready to size our balloons to 2.787 (W) x 3.402 (H)

I did select the blue color for the strings and duplicated that so it would be more sturdy for the card. As you can see in the picture above. All you need to do is go into your layers panel, select the blue part and hit duplicate.

I also got rid of the tan balloon for our smiley face- it is not needed because there is a white one too. If you look at the above image see the smiley balloon and the two layers underneath it. The tan one is the one I am talking about.

EASY FIX-change the color to a color you are NOT using and DON’T cut that mat. LOL If you don’t want to ungroup it all just to delete that.

Hand Sizes

The left and right hand I sized at 0.809 (W) x 0.642 (H). Then I played around with rotating them until I found the position I liked.

We are almost ready to cut this adorable little card, but first we need to add a score mine so it’s easier for us to fold.

Adding the Score-line for our Gnome Birthday Card

We are going to go into our shapes icon, left side panel, and lets grab a score-line. Lets select our score-line and center it right in the middle of the card like the image below. You can really see the center and where the score-line goes for this card.

We are now going to select both, the score-line and card base and head down to the bottom right hand side panel and hit attach. We just told our cricut we want that score-line scored right were we put it! Our results below

We are now on our way to cut this adorable card!

Hit the Make it button

We are now ready to hit the Make it button in the top right corner (green button-you can see it in the image above)

We can see all of our mats and how they look. They should all be great, but if for some reason your score-line is on a separate mat, you forgot to attach it. Same with the words.

If you are using the exact same images as me, you will notice we have 16 mats to cut, but its super simple and quick!

NOTE: You can always change the balloon image and sign image to a print and cut if you don’t want to many mats. But I do enjoy gluing pieces together and love the layered look. I feel it gives it more character, but it’s a personal choice.

You can edit your mats or change the size of paper you are working with and lets continue on by hitting the continue button in the bottom right hand corner.

Selecting our Material

Alright, so we are now on our material screen. Oh we are so close to finishing this Birthday card. I am getting super excited!

Lets make sure we have the right machine selected (top of screen)

Check your cardstock and see what lb you are working with. I tend to work with medium (80lb) cardstock so that is the material I will be selecting. Go ahead and choose your material and we are ready to roll, I mean cut.

Getting your materials ready

I tend to go through all my cardstock and put it in the order (by color) that the cricut mats are laid out in. So I am not continuously searching and getting pulled out of my cutting mode.

I am also a huge fan of using all my scraps. As you can see from the image above! They are all scrap pieces that I will be using.

Putting the cardstock on your mat

Lets take our first piece of cardstock and put it on our mat (light blue or green) and send it into the cutting machine. First hit the flashing arrow and that will load the mat. Once it is loaded the cricut icon will be ready to be pushed.

That will start the cutting process. Continue on with each mat until everything is cut out. I would show you, but you may be using other colors and images so I don’t want to confuse you!

If you need a bit more help, please feel free to reach out to me. I will gladly help.

Assembling the Gnome Birthday Card

WOOHOO so our Gnome birthday card is now cut and ready to be put together! Here are all the pieces we should have.

So the first thing we are going to do is crease the card base in half.

Gluing the Base for the Balloons

The next thing we are going to do is grab the two identical layers (base for the balloons) that the balloons sit on and glue them together. This is more for the sturdiness of the balloons on the card.

Now we are going to glue the 2 layered balloons together. Lets grab the top layer of each balloon and glue them to the bottom layer. (blue with blue, green with green (or whatever colored you used), yellow smiley with white, and pink with red.

They should now all be glued together now. See video below. Goes through the above steps.

Ok so I goofed with the next part hence why I do not have a video of it.

Gluing the body and beard down

We are now going to take the body piece (mine is the light blue piece) of the Gnome and glue it right to the front of the card base. It will line up perfectly with the outline of the card.

Next we are going to line up the beard with the card base and glue it together. It should match the card base perfect, if it doesn’t flip it around. Then glue it down.

Gluing the hat, nose, and shoes down (video below)

Now we are going to glue the hat down over that and again it will match up to the card base. The Video below shows this and the next steps!

Lets now grab his nose and glue it right to that slit so it is covered up. Then we are going to match up his shoes to the card base and glue those down together.

Gluing the balloons to the balloon base

Awesome we are so close! WOOHOO

I started from the right to left gluing the balloons down on our balloon base. The the green balloon, then the blue, red, and finally the smiley face.

Gluing the wood sign for our Gnome Birthday Card

So our sign has three layers so we are going to take the dark brown layer and put glue on it and glue it to the back black part. Next we are going to pick up the tan piece and put glue on it and glue that to the dark brown piece.

Gluing the hands to our embellishments (balloons and sign)

I did lay my balloons and sign on the birthday Gnome to get the placement for the hands. Depending on the way they are placed will determine the hand positions. (video shows you what I did)

Once the hands are glued on to the embellishments it’s now time to glue the embellishments (balloons and sign) to our Birthday Gnome Card Base.

TA DA There you have it! You just transformed a SVG cut file into a beautiful handmade card! Congratulations!

We completed our DIY Gnome Birthday Card, made with your cutting machine, just from an SVG 🥳

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