DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments

How to make Glitter Christmas Ornaments (DIY)

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As we are all getting ready for the Holiday season, why not create everlasting Gifts for the ones we love and care for. These DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments are the perfect gift to make others to show that you love and appreciate them!

Handmade DIY Items are becoming more and more popular and why wouldn’t they be-it shows someone you took the time to make something special for them!

In this article, we will be going through step-by-step instructions on how you can make and personalize Christmas ornaments for your loved ones and friends.

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Materials needed for the DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Some of the materials needed for this project
  • Clear plastic or glass ornaments ( Dollar Store ($1.00 a piece) or Michaels (bulk tubes 25 ornaments for about 13.00 on sale Originally 19.99)
  • Cutting machine
  • Cutting Mats
  • Fine Glitter-Dark Brown, Green, Light Brown, Light Blue, Red
  • Funnel ( made mine out of copy paper from printer)
  • Polycrylic (Walmart is the cheapest place that I have found)
  • Ribbon for female gingerbread (Dollar Store)
  • Scraper
  • Syringe
  • Transfer Tape
  • Teaspoon-1/4
  • Vinyl– Black, Sparkle Red, White, Yellow
  • Weeding tool

Brand new to Cricut Design Space? You can check out my Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cricut Design Space. I walk you through all of the design space, icon by icon.

Coating the DIY Glitter Ornament with Polycrylic

First, we are going to grab an ornament and take the top off. Next, we are going to grab our syringe and fill it with the Polycrylic, but be careful cause Polycrylic is pretty sticky.

Now, let us insert some of the polycrylic in the ornament. Then we are going to circle it around working it from the bottom to the top. The great thing about Polycrylic is that it coats the ornament with a gloss so you can tell if you missed any areas.

We are now going to set it upside down on a doubled-up paper towel that is in a cardboard box. I let mine sit for 5-10 minutes before I started with the glitter.

Tossing the DIY ornaments with Glitter

Alright, so we are ready to toss the ornaments with Glitter, WOOHOOO! Let’s grab an ornament, the glitter, a funnel, and a 1/4 teaspoon to scoop the glitter out of the container and into the funnel. I made my funnel out of copy paper from my printer.

First, we are going to grab that funnel and insert it into the top of the ornament. Then we are going to scoop up 2 full scoops of glitter and pour that into the funnel which is inserted in our ornament. Then a half a scoop more.

We are then going to start rolling that glitter around from the bottom and work our way up to the top moving in a circular motion. Once we get super close to the top let us put our finger over the opening and shake it to make sure the whole top is coated.

Once you are happy let’s empty the loose glitter back into our glitter container and place the ornaments upside down on a new doubled-up paper towel. We may get some polycrylic and glitter that still comes out and that is ok. Let dry.

If it all runs out that means you used too much polycrylic or you didn’t let it sit long enough upside down.

Making the faces and Images for our ornament

The options of faces are really up to you. I had intentions to make the Grinch, a set of gingerbreads, Merry Christmas, and many more. So I opened up Cricut Design Space and started creating faces.

Let’s make the male Gingerbread face together with the creativity flowing who knows what you may come up with! The male gingerbread is pretty much made with all basic shapes! How cool is that?

Making the Gingerbread face for the ornament in Cricut Design Space

First, let us start with a new blank canvas and start by grabbing a circle from the shapes icon on the left-hand side. We are going to size that circle to the size of the ornament we are making.

That is going to be our template for the ornament and then change the color to whatever color you are making your ornament. In our case that would be brown.

Now let’s grab another circle and we are going to unlock the circle and manipulate the shape to the shape and size you want the eye to be. See the image below.

Need a bit more help with the tools and how to use them? The articles below will help you

We are now going to duplicate the eye which leaves us with the template and two eyes on our canvas as the image shows below.

Next, we are going to grab another circle, unlock it, and shape it to a smaller oval for the white of the eye. Let’s change the color to white, as it is for the white of the eye. Once you are happy with the look, let’s duplicate it and now you have two complete sets of eyes like this.

The mouth for our DIY Glitter Ornament

Now let us make the circles for the mouth! We are going to grab another circle and size it to .306 (W) x .306 (H) and let’s change that color to red. Once that is done, let us duplicate it and we now have two circles for the end of the mouth:)

Next, we are going to make a mouth. If you want you could search for a mouth in images on the left-hand side panel in Cricut design space. I just took two circles and overlapped them to the size of the mouth I wanted and selected both, then Sliced them.

Now we have a complete face for our Gingerbread for our DIY Glitter Ornament. WOOHOO!

Squiggly Line for Gingerbread- DIY Glitter Ornament

Next is the squiggly line that goes on the top of the head. Just copy this number with the # and paste it into the search bar in Cricut design space.

Spacer-Squiggly-Line #M1DD3CA7C

Now that we have our squiggly line, let’s change the color to white or whatever color you desire and place it on the top of his head and size it to fit. I did unlock mine and made it thicker then sized it to fit where I wanted it. The dimensions of the line I used are 1.931 (W) x .218 (H) as you can see in the picture below.

We officially have a gingerbread face and we can use the same for the female. All we need to do is change the white of the eyes to the other side and add lashes. You can search for lashes in Design Space or make them out of the basic shapes. I used a square to make the eyelashes and just manipulated it till I was happy with the look for them.

Once you make one eyelash, you can duplicate it two times and align them how you want them. Then grab the black part of the eye we have done from the other gingerbread and duplicate it. Once you are happy with the layout (eyelashes and eye) you need to weld it all together. Then when one of the female’s eyes is done we can then select it and duplicate it.

We can now grab a heart from the shapes icon on the left-hand side and size it to the size that we like. Once it is sized, let’s change the color to red, and hit duplicate.

Cutting the faces for our DIY Ornament

So there are a few ways for cutting the faces. You can just send it to the cut machine and space everything yourself or you can Group the same color pieces together then attach or weld them together to hold the spacing that you like.

If you are just starting out I would say group all the same colored pieces together then attach or weld them so the spacing is exactly what you want. So it takes all the guessing out.

Here is the white eyes and line attached so that it holds the spacing
Black pieces all attached together to hold the spacing.

We can now delete those brown circles because they were just a template for sizing and hit the make it button. Select and arrange the mats how you want them and hit the continue button.

We are brought to the material list to choose our material. I am using vinyl so that is the material I will be selecting and follow the prompts and start cutting with that awesome cutting machine.

Weeding the faces for our DIY Glitter Ornaments

We are going to take our weeding tool and weed all the areas out that we don’t need. If you attached or welded for each color your faces should be exactly how you spaced them.

So we should now have everything weeded and we are left with just the faces.

Layering of the eyes for our DIY Glitter Ornament

We are going to start with the white for the inner eye. So we attached or welded our faces so they are already spaced for us so all we have to do is grab our transfer tape, take the back off, and lay it over two of the white eyes.

Now we are ready to attach the black part of the eye. Again they are already spaced so just line the white part up to where you want it to sit on the black. Press it down and this will also grab the mouth because it is there. Once it is all on your transfer tape, peel the backing away and it should be ready to attach to the ornament.

Attaching the eyes and Mouth to your DIY Ornament

Let’s go ahead and grab our ornament and attach it right in the center. Press firmly and peel the transfer sheet away. TA-DA you now have eyes and a mouth on your ornament. 🥳

Attaching the squiggly line

Yes, we could have grabbed this with the white eyes, but I tend to do it separately. Now, let’s take the transfer tape and get that squiggly line on it. Once it is attached to the transfer tape apply it where you would like it to be on your gingerbread. I honestly just eyeball it to my liking.

Attaching the Circles and Hearts

We are going to grab our circles, which are already spaced for us, with our transfer tape. Once it is on the tape, let us go ahead and line it up how we want it, to our mouth. Press and peel away the transfer tape! Do that again for the hearts of the female. And you now have two Gingerbread DIY Glitter Ornaments!!!

I hope you enjoyed our time together! Drop me a picture or comment below! I would love to see your projects!

Also, I would love for you to share your pictures and projects in my Facebook Group AmandasCraftCorner.

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