Lets Kick the New Year off the Right way- 60 New Years Resolutions Ideas

Kick off the New Year the right way-60 New Year’s Resolution ideas

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Happy New Year

Stop eating unhealthy foods, limit the time you spend on social, lose 10 pounds. Yeah we have all had those New Years Resolutions, but this year lets go deeper.

Lets dive deeper and get in touch with ourselves and our family. Lets make this coming year the best there ever was and kick it off the right way because down below are 60 New Year’s Resolution ideas for you and your whole family!

We always tend to set the same New Years Resolutions and year after year we never stick with them!

So why not mix things up a little for 2021. Lets go deeper into ourselves and get to know others like we never have before!

Lets get those New Year's Resolutions down on paper this year so we can start achieving our goals and dreams

2020 was most definitely an eye opener for a lot of people. While talking with many individuals this year, I realized not all of 2020 was bad.

It gave others the time they needed, and pushed them outside their comfort zones. Some started following their dreams and passions, and others started a business or two and really love what they were doing now.

It forced us to get our priorities in line and really made us dive into what makes us happy! So lets START building the life we dream of.

Kick off the New Year the right Way

60 New Year’s Resolution to try in 2021

1. New Year=New Passions

The New Year can bring a lot more passion into your life. Start by going inward and figuring out all the things that do and would make you happy so we can feel alive again.

Maybe that means trying a new recipe every week or going hiking 2 days a week.

Try different things to see what you like and don’t like. We are ever changing every day and maybe something we hated long ago, we may actually enjoy now.

Want to Identify your Personal Core Values so you know what is guiding your life? Check out How to Identify your Personal Core Values for TRUE Fulfillment

2. Write down and start achieving your goals in the New Year

Lets make it a point this New Years to start writing down our goals and dreams so we achieve them

Get your dreams and goals out of your head and onto paper! It is a process of thinking of your dreams and goals, then writing them down on paper that uses both sides of the brain, not just the right side as we think about it.

Writing it down then incorporates the left side of the brain as well.

Studies show that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams if they are written down regularly.

So what are you waiting for? WRITE THEM DOWN!

Want to go deeper on this topic? Huffpost.com has an awesome article- The Power of Writing Down your Goals and Dreams

3. Pay it forward

We have all been surprised and happy when someone did something nice for us unexpectedly right? So why not return the favor and do one nice thing for someone every week.

First, you made someone’s day better, but it also brings a great deal of joy to us. Helping someone is the fastest way to feel gratitude!

Check out The Power of Gratitude and Appreciation

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude-Written by Amy Morin

4. Start crafting this New Years

If you know me, then you know I love everything DIY, Crafts, Cricut Crafts, and Art. Nothing is better than making something that you designed or created with your own two hands.

It’s a feeling like no other and to say you did that is just so rewarding.

If you want to do this, but aren’t sure where to start contact me, and let’s chat! I would love to help you get started.

5. Do one new thing a week

Start pushing yourself to start trying new and different things you never thought possible. It automatically boosts your confidence and also gets you out of your comfort zone and into new possibilities.

You never know what doors you will be opening for yourself.

For example, I absolutely love being active and outdoors, but I never thought about climbing and rappelling until we moved to Arizona. I pushed myself outside my comfort zone and rappelled down a 50ft waterfall.


IT WAS EXTRAORDINARY! I felt so many different but freeing emotions and isn’t that what life is all about?

6. Start keeping a Gratitude Journal

There is something about gratitude that just changes you! You start focusing on what you do have vs what you don’t have and that has a HUGE impact on your mental and physical health.

It lowers your stress levels, helps you sleep, helps you gain clarity, and helps you focus more, just to name a few, but there are many many more benefits that come along with practicing Gratitude.

Check out The Power of Gratitude and Appreciation

If you want to learn more about the Benefits of a Gratitude Journal and How to Maintain One this article is for you! Written by Lauren Jessen.

7. Start each day with a set of Affirmations

Affirmations to start your day- One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day

Affirmations are always a great way to start your day! They are positive statements that help you overcome negative self-sabotaging beliefs and thoughts.

They help you make positive impactful changes in your everyday life by visualizing and believing what you are affirming to yourself every day.

The more you tell yourself something, the harder it is not to believe it. So let us start making those moments count by shifting our perspective to positive reassuring thoughts.

You are retraining your brain’s neuropathways to make better stronger more positive connections.

Need some Affirmations to get you going? 74 Powerful Affirmations for every Area of your Life

8. Meditation

Meditations and Guided meditations can give you a sense of peace and balance that can and will benefit your emotional well-being as well as your overall health.

The benefits of meditation doesn’t just end with the meditation, you carry that feeling of being calm and peaceful throughout your entire day.

9. Yoga/Stretch

For our New Years Resolutions lets start practicing yoga and make sure we are stretching our bodies out.

Let’s get our bodies moving and stretched out throughout the day. Yoga can start/end your day off on the right foot and overall you just feel better after moving and stretching your body.

Your body needs to move, that is why yoga/stretching and exercise are so important.

10. Talk to yourself like you are talking to your best friend

Ever realize how you talk to yourself? Would you talk to your best friend that way? OH NO, you wouldn’t.

Start the New Year off right, by being gentle with yourself and talk to you like you would talk to your best friend. You are IMPORTANT and AMAZING so start showing yourself that!

YES, YOU ARE! We all are! We need to start using our power to uplift us.


11. Drink more water in the New Year

Another New Year's Resolution that would benefit us this year is to drink way more water each day.

We all need more water in our lives and our body needs it. Studies are showing that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, according to dripdrop.com.

Here are 6 Dehydration Facts that may Surprise You by dripdrop.com

12. Cook more nutritious food

We are all aware of what we put into our bodies determines how we feel. Yes, that pizza would be nice, but the feeling afterward isn’t. Lets start making better choices and start treating our body like the temple it is!

13. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand

OK, so I know what you’re thinking- what in the world is this lady talking about? Here’s why-your brain continuously grows, adapts, and rewires itself through forming and growing new neuropathways.

Using your other (non-dominant) hand strengthens these neural connections in your brain.

Read more on the Benefits of Using Your Opposite Hand-Grow Brain Cells while Brushing your Teeth written by Jeff Rose

14. Make your bed every single morning

Nothing says a successful day like making your bed each and every morning! It is the first thing you accomplish and are setting yourself up for success, plus it’s always nice getting into a made bed at night.

15. Remove anything that makes you feel less than what you should (negativity)

Nothing is worse than having those individuals call you and just complain about everything. Eliminate it!

You and your brain are too good for that! I never wanted to believe this saying but it’s true! You are like the 5 people you hang out with the most so if those 5 people aren’t what you want to be like change it ASAP.

16. Upgrade one thing in your environment a week

Jim Bunch has a great teaching on this subject, but we should be upgrading and clearing out things in our environment daily!

Like those boxes that are sitting cluttered in the corner, get rid of them because they are cluttering more than just that corner. When you improve one area every area improves.

Give this podcast a listen- 9 Environments that Make up Your Life. There is a transcript and also a FREE 9 Environments Assessment.

17. Bring a plant into your home

Adding house plants to your home for your New Years Resolutions

Indoor plants do more than just look pretty they also increase our mood, reduce stress levels, can be therapeutic, sharpen your attention, boost your productivity, clean the air in your home and so much more.

7 Science-backed Benefits of indoor plants

18. Invest in YOURSELF

It took me a long time to realize this one, but you need to invest in yourself.

Things like that education you have been putting off, or that course you want to take to advance your skills or that class you and your partner want to take to improve your relationships.

These are just as important as any! It’s time to start investing in the New you for the New Year!

19. Read a book a week

We should be consistently upgrading our mindset and skillset to advance and be the person we want to become! There are so many amazing books on there that will help you do just that!

10 Benefits of Reading-Why you should read every day- Written by Catherine Winter

20. Plan a Trip or two

Planning a trip is exciting and the only time it happens so chop chop. Nothing is better than the Present moment and the start of a New Year to start planning that vacay for you and your family. If you don’t plan it, it usually doesn’t happen.

21. Speak more to the people that matter the most to you

With a New Year starting let’s plan time every week to make sure the ones we love are doing well, see what they have been up to, and make sure they know how much we love them.

22. Learn a new skill every month

New Years Resolution- New stop learning- Make sure you are learning a new skill every month.

Each month we should be learning a new skill. If we aren’t learning, we are dying. That has stuck with me for years and it’s true. We have a million-dollar piece of equipment between our ears, let us make the most of it.

23. Upgrade an existing skill you have

We all have skills we are great at, so let’s keep improving them! There is always something we can improve on to make that skill stronger.

24. Do that thing you have always wanted to do-NO more excuses

Most, if not all, of us, have things we always wanted to do but never made the time to do them. Let us kick ourselves into gear for the New Year and start taking advances of our desires and start accomplishing them!

25. Hit 10,000 steps if not more a day

A way to get healthier as part of our New Year's Resolution is getting those steps in by walking or running

A goal that is achievable for most. Our body needs to move so why not make time each day, regardless if we feel like it or not, we know we must.

26. Limit your screen time

In today’s world we are all stuck in front of screens-many kinds of screens- so let us start limiting the time in front of them.

Yeah, technology has some perks but also has too many downfalls. It isn’t good for us to sit in front of a screen 24/7. We need to use our brains way more than we are.

27. Focus on the things you DO have

Yes, that’s right. Let change our perspectives from what we have been taught and start focusing on the things and people we DO have in our life. NOT the things we don’t.

We will be more happy, healthy, and full of life. It takes some time, but it is worth it in the long run. I PROMISE!

28. Volunteer your time

Volunteering your time is a positive selfless act and you honestly never know the amazing people you may meet! It is great for your mental and physical health as well.

Maybe start with what means the most to you. Do you love animals? Then volunteer your time at a pet shelter and help them care for the animals.

When I was in high school, nothing was more fulfilling than volunteering my time to go to assistant living homes and spend time with them. They were so excited as I walked in.

And I truly met some of the greatest teachers I had there. It just filled my heart with joy and showed me what compassion was.

5 Surprising Benefits of Volunteering-Mark Horoszowski

29. Walk 2-3 nights a week-ESPECIALLY when you don’t want to

Even when you don’t want to go, that is the time you should go.

Start building a routine and make it an automatic habit. After a week or two, it will become second nature. You are building new pathways and eventually, your brain will make it automatic so it doesn’t have to think about it.

30. Plan your week

Lets start this New Years with planning our weeks ahead so there is no guessing.

Sit down on a Sunday and plan your week out. Review your goals and what actions you took.

Look and see the results of your actions and start asking questions. What went well this week? What could have been better? What’s working? What’s not working? Then adjust and tweak.

31. Spend some quality time with the ones you love

Honestly, you never know what tomorrow is going to bring so take advantage of today and make it count. Spend quality time with the ones you love and care for.

32. Start a game night at your house once a month

For a new Year lets start a tradition and start hosting a game night for our friends and family

Who doesn’t love games? Start having the ones you love and care for come over, once a month, and play some of your favorite games.

33. Reduce your waste

Let us start taking care of our Earth! WE live here and would like to live here along time right? Well, we need to START taking care of her!

Let us start picking up trash we see on the ground, reduce the number of plastic items we buy, walk places if we can vs driving the car.

34. Go to a new town by you that you have never been

WE can all take a few hours out of one of our days to drive to a neighboring town and check it out. It gets you out of the house and you see something you have never seen before. You never know what possibilities lie ahead.

35. Give 2-3 compliments each and everyday

I have been doing this one for years and I will continue to do this. My intention every time I leave my house is to make at least 5 person’s day a little better. You never know what kind of day someone is having so spread love and joy!

36. Get yourself organized

An organized mind leads to an organized life! Start planning and writing things down. Plan for the week/month/year ahead so you will be glad you did.

It frees up time in the long run and reduces your stress level because you know the when, why, how, and what factors. You will feel healthy and more balanced because you are on top of things

37. Workout for yourself

Workout for yourself this New Year! Get on track to be the healthiest you have ever been

This is always the New Year’s Resolution I hear from more than 30 people every single year, but they never have a plan of action or it’s an afterthought, which means it isn’t going to last.

Instead of treating it as a chore, why not change our perspective and do workouts we love. Or find an activity that you love and structure a fun workout around it.

38. Raise your vibration-Not lower it

We are all running on some type of vibration, whether that be a high or low one. The first thing you can do is ask yourself how you feel. If you feel great that is a higher frequency and vice versa

Another way is to look around and see the people you come into contact with. That’s an easy way to see where you are vibrating at. If they are just complaining then your vibration or frequency is low. If they are happy and complimenting you are vibrating at a higher level.

Karen Bell has a great article called What’s your Vibrational Frequency that goes a bit deeper into what Vibrational Frequency is and how to improve it.

39. Make time to have quality talks with your significant other

This New Years let start having great quality talks with the ones we love

Communication is so important so let’s make sure we are scheduling good deep quality conversation time with our family and loved ones this New Year.

40. Refines parts of yourself

Let your inner child (soul) come to life this New Years! We need to reconnect with our inner world and refine parts of us to make us better. We need to consistently work on ourselves, so dig deep and get in touch with our inner being.

41. Mindfully eat your food

Why not start mindfully eating our food throughout the day. Have you ever sat down to have a meal and the next thing you know it’s gone, but you have no idea how or what it tasted like? LOL Yeah, I know a few people like that.

Let us start taking each bit with awareness and savor the smell, taste, and texture of our food. Let’s fuel our body with good nutritious food.

42. Honor your soul (inner child)

Lets honor our soul in the New Year

We must honor the most innocent and pure parts of ourselves on a daily basis! We must honor and appreciate ourselves and what a New Years Resolution that would be.

43. Start truly listening to others

Yes, we all listen, but do we listen actively? Have you ever experienced that moment when someone lost their train of thought and asked what they were talking about? Only to realize you have no clue. Yeah, we have all been there.

Ask someone to talk a little slower and space their words out a bit more so our brains can process the information.

44. Work on your Awareness (staying in the present)

This is my absolute FAVORITE! Focus on your awareness and presence throughout the day.

Because being aware and present gives you choices. Set a mindfulness bell to ring every 55 minutes and reflex on the past hour. It gives you a ton of insight as to how you are throughout the day.

45. LAUGH More

This New Years let start laughing more! Have you smiled today?

Yes, laughing is good for our souls and has many benefits to us.

The Top 9 Benefits of Laughter-Livewell

46. Forgive yourself

Nothing is more important than forgiving yourself! Forgiving yourself takes the weights off your shoulders. And it’s freeing and not bogging ya down.

Let us Start this New Year off by going easy on ourselves and like I stated earlier, talk to yourself like you are talking to your best friend.

47. Forgive others

Why are you going to carry around all that anger that comes with not forgiving someone? There is no need for that! Forgive them, we are all humans trying to do our best.

Yes, there are some mean people out there, but they will be dealt with. Karma is a thing so let it do its job.

Get the anger and weight off your shoulders. It only causes regret and other negatives feeling and emotions. It may take some time, but it needs to be done.

48. Clear the clutter

You always want to clear the clutter. That includes the clutter of your mind as well. Having a cluttered home means there is always clutter with everything else. It is often said a cluttered home means a cluttered mind.

Why a Cluttered Home leads You to a Cluttered Mind

49. Turn off your phone each night at a certain time

For another New Years Resolution let’s start making it a routine by shutting our phones off each and every night around a certain time.

Let others know you are doing this so no one panics, but go for a few weeks and it will become second nature.

50. Learn how your mind actually works

Nothing is more valid than this. If we know and understand how our mind works the better our chances are to master and change it.

Now, this is obviously changing year after year with new research being done, but a better understanding of how our minds work gives us a lot of insight to work with.

51. Set Intentions for each day

Set clear intentions this New Years

Intentions are a great way to start the day! You set yourself up on a path for success by having clear intentions for the day ahead.

52. Clean as you go throughout the week

I have been doing this for a few years now and I do have to say, it makes life a bit easier. After a meal, do the dishes, don’t just pile them in the sink to do later. That just makes for more work later on.

Once that’s done clean the counter with some spray. Do little jobs throughout the week so cleaning isn’t such a HUGE job to do.

53. Join a club

Start looking into groups or clubs you can join with like-minded people. It’s good for your health and lets you get excited about something week after week.

54. Save more money and spend less

Figure out your values, goals, and priorities, and start spending money wisely. We don’t need all the things we once did.

Instead, invest and spend your money wisely. Like on real education- something that is going to push you forward to all your goals and dreams. Not something that is going to clutter the house you just cleaned.

55. Take more pictures

Take more pictures of precious moments and fun gatherings. The memories will last a lifetime.

56. Day Dream time each day

Another New Year's Resolution should be day dreaming because it is great for your mind

Day Dreaming is actually amazing for your brain. It gives your hard-working brain a break and actually improves your mind.

The Benefits of Day Dreaming– Joseph Stromberg

57. Self-care for 30 minutes every other day

Nothing makes you feel better than a little time for you. We all need our own time. So make a little time to do whatever you want to do and not feel guilty about it.

58. Donate your unwanted items

Once we clear the clutter out of our homes, sheds, garages donate it. I have seen others just throw their items in the trash when they could have been donated.

59. Reframe Negative beliefs into powerful ones

For the New Year, let’s reframe our old disempowering beliefs into strong powerful beliefs that will benefit us in the long run. For example, In the past, I believed that I wasn’t good enough, but now I am smart enough to accomplish all my heart desires.

60. Help our Earth-She NEEDS us

A new Year's Resolution that we need to make and continue to make is helping our Earth by cleaning her up and appreciating her

This is a huge one for me because others just destroy and damage the very place we live. That just can’t happen anymore.

I am tired of seeing others just throw their trash on the ground and not think twice about it. Seriously, this is our home, our Earth, and to continue living here we need to take care of her.

Can you imagine, if we all helped one another out and did our part, what a wonderful place it would be that was clean and could take pride in the place we called home?

Kick off the New Year the right way this year with these 60 unique New Year’s Resolutions.

This year let’s better ourselves so we can better help and serve others. Let us get in touch with our inner child (soul) and watch our life change into everything we have wanted it to.


Let’s start the New Year off on the right track and start rewiring our brains to better serve us. We need to learn ourselves and become aware of all that goes on inside of us.

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