Layered HTV Wood Sign-Hedgehugs

Layered HedgeHugs SVG Wood sign using HTV with your cutting machine

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I am just so excited to share this awesome project with you today! My friend Caty Catherine over at just makes the cutest SVG cut files. I am in love with her designs so I thought why not create a tutorial with one of her SVGs that she made.

This adorable HedgeHugs SVG is just what I needed so I could send my parents something telling them just how much they mean to me because we aren’t together right now!

We are going to grab her Hedgehugs SVG cut file and make an awesome painted Wood sign using HTV (iron-on), while layering it and using our cutting machine to help us! WOOHOO!

Still need to learn Design Space? No problem, just head on over to my Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cricut Design Space

Layered HTV Wood Sign- HedgeHugs SVG cut file by Caty. Using our cutting machine to make this awesome DIY Wood Sign

I am so thrilled to teach you how to make this Layered DIY HedgeHugs SVG Wood Sign using HTV with our cutting machine! This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you! Read my full disclosure here.

Materials needed for this Project

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Painting the Wood Sign

So lets gather our wood sign, a paint brush, and one color of paint that we want this sign to be.

First thing we are going to do is measure the sign so we know what dimensions we are working with. My square sign is a 11.5 x 11.5

Now we are going to paint this sign so it has time to dry while we are working on the SVG. I am using a forest green from dusty attic, but you can choose whatever color you wish.

Hedge Hugs SVG Cut file

So it’s now time to grab the HedgeHugs SVG cut file! Let’s go ahead and head on over to Caty’s site and grab this adorable SVG so we can make this beautiful sign for our home or gift it to that special someone.

Make sure you remember where you are saving the file to, so you can locate it.

Extracting the HedgeHugs SVG Cut file

So we now have Caty’s SVG Cut file and are ready to extract it.

Open the Downloaded file and there should be an extract all icon. Go ahead and extract all and chose a destination you want that file to go to. (that’s how you are going to find it)

Now that you extracted it we are ready to open up cricut design space and begin working!

Uploading the HedgeHugs SVG into Cricut Design Space

We are now ready to open up Cricut Design Space and start a new blank Canvas. Once that’s done, we are now ready to upload the SVG into design space.

Head on over to the left side panel and hit the upload icon and locate the file you just saved! Caty is awesome at labeling her files so it should be pretty easy to find if you remember where you saved it to.

The label of the file is CATYCATHERINE0001108

Need a bit of help with the icons in design space? NO problem. Head on over to my AWESOME Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cricut Design Space

Hit the browse button and locate the HedgeHugs SVG file in cricut design space

Select the correct file and once that is done, let’s hit the open icon and then hit the continue button in design space which then takes us into this screen. See image below

We have located our Hedgehugs SVG cut file and are now uploading it into cricut design space. Then we are going to name it, tag it, and once that is done hit upload in the bottom right corner.

So this adorable Hedge Hugs design is now in cricut design space. It is time to name it and give it tags if you want for easy findings. Tags are optional.

Once you complete those steps we are now ready to hit the upload icon in the bottom right corner.

Now we are ready to select the image and head down to the bottom right hand corner and click the aqua button that says insert images.

WOOHOO! We now have this AWESOME Hedge Hugs Design in design space on our canvas.

Resizing the HedgeHugs SVG cut file

So, for me, this design comes in pretty big so we need to Resize this HedgeHugs SVG cut file to the size of the wood sign we are using. We already measured the wood sign so we just have to get this to the size we measured.

TWO ways to resize (picture below)

First way to resize

You can select the image and drag it out with the two arrows pointing in the opposite directions (bottom right hand corner).

Second way to resize

The second way is to head on up to the top panel and put the exact size into the size icon.

Resizing our HedgeHugs SVG cut file to fit the Wood Sign we are making with HTV using our cutting machine- 2 different ways to resize in design space

This may be different for you depending on the Wood Blank you are using. If yours is the same size as mine, I change the size to 10.713 (W) x 11.367 (H). You may chose to do it differently and that is a-okay!

You can also ungroup this image and change it that way resize things etc. , but for this post I am going to keep it simple. Just giving you ideas.

We are now ready to hit the Make it button

Make it & Mirror

We are now on the screen for our cutting mats. We have 3 different mats because we have 3 different colors. The pink, brown, and tan.

Everything looks good, but if for some reason the brown mat drives you crazy because you like things in the right order, like me, you can rearrange the mat like so.

But for me this one will be cut apart anyways so I am going to leave the cutting mats how they are. The choice is yours and we are learning so experiment so you can see which ways you like to do things.

Rearranging the cutting mat to keep it in order (optional)

Now it is time to mirror the images! DO NOT FORGET TO DO THIS! Each mat has a mirror icon that just needs switched on. You can see it in the picture above! It is right under the material size. Toggle that on for each mat!

If you are like me you want to know why we do this. The reason we do this is because when working with HTV (Iron-On) we are working with it backwards.

It goes front side down (shiny side because of the film) on our mat so the back gets cut and that back part goes down on our shirts/signs/totes, etc. and it protected by the film.

If you do forget this step, as we all do, The word will come out backwards when transferring it to our base material.

We are now ready to hit that continue button and move onto the Machine and Material set up.

Machine and Material Screen

Let us select the cutting machine we will be using, which in my case is the Maker. Then I am going to select the material which is Everyday Iron-on (HTV).

If you are working with the Explore Air 2, you will need to move your smart dial to the Iron on option.

You maybe working with different materials which is ok. Just select the materials you are using.

We are now ready to have our awesome cutting machine cut this beauty!

Cutting the HedgeHugs SVG for our Wood Sign using HTV(iron-on)

WOOHOO! It is NOW time to cut our HedgeHugs SVG with our Cutting machine!

So now we are ready for our cutting mats. We can use the light blue mat or the green mat, the choice is yours and it depends on which material you are using.

Want to learn more about the cricut cutting mats? Check out my article- Cricut Cutting Mats- All you need to know about cricut cutting mats.

Lets make sure all three of our mats are mirrored again.

Step 1-placing the Pink HTV (iron on) onto the cutting mat

Lets take our pink Iron-on (HTV) and place it on our mat shiny side down. This is EXTREMELY important. If you place it the other way it will then cut through the transfer film.

If there are bubbles in your material, feel free to take that handy scraper and get them out.

Step 2-Getting our machine ready and loading and cutting the mats

So let’s make sure the fine point blade is the blade installed in your cutting machine. Now we are going to load our mat by pressing the blinking arrow on your cricut machine.

Once it loads the mat, go ahead and hit the cricut button to start the cutting process. Watch your awesome little machine go to town:)

You will get prompted when your cut is complete, then all you have to do is unload the mat, and peel the HTV (Iron on) material off.

Then lets put the the brown HTV on the mat (shiny side down) and begin the this cut.

You will repeat this step again for the tan HTV.

Step 3- Next Up Weeding this HedgeHugs SVG

Alright so we are now ready to weed. We are going to weed all of the pieces we do not need. And leave the pieces we do need.

Note: If you used a hole sheet for the cut, trim the excess material off before you begin weeding so you can save the extra material for another project.

Weeding our HTV HedgeHugs SVG out for Our Wood Sign

WOOHOO! We are now ready to weed out the three HTV we just cut. We are weeding out what does not belong there! Below are pictures to show you the weeding process.

NOTE: I had to change my design a bit because I didn’t have enough brown HTV to cut out the hedgehogs and the word hedgehugs. So I have a light blue for the words, but everything else is the same. Just a different color.

 We are now ready to weed out the three HTV we just cut. We are weeding out what does not belong there!

Here’s a few more pictures to reference for the weeding process. I know weeding can be quite difficult sometimes.

Weeding our Hedgehogs out. Just showing you examples of them weeded so you know what to weed out.
Weeding our hedgehogs out

Laying it all out on the Wood Sign & setting Heat Press

OMG we are so close!!! So before I do anything else I always lay out my design onto the surface to see how I want to heat press it. So go ahead and lay it out and make sure you are satisfied with the layout. See image below.

Laying out our design! Notice that we are going to have to trim the film that the hedgehogs are on because it is under the words.
Laying out our design! Notice that we are going to have to trim the film that the hedgehogs are on because it is under the words.

We are ready to set our Heat press temp and let it warm up. I always say check Cricut’s Heat Guide and some heat presses are different.

We are going to set the temperature for 300 degrees and it is recommend to press for 40 seconds. We aren’t going to press for that long because this is a layered design and that will ruin or melt the design.

Let us wait for our Heat Press to heat up then we will be moving onto layering the design

Heat Pressing The HedgeHugs SVG onto our Wood sign using HTV

Oh I am just getting so excited! This is the fun part!

So our heat press is up to temp. Lets take our wood sign and lay it down where we are heat pressing. The video below shows the whole process:)

Step 1

Lay out the HedgeHugs word at the top or honestly where you want it just make sure it will all fit, hence why we laid it out earlier.

Once you have the words laid out, lets grab our tan hedgehogs and center them where we want them on our sign.

Yes the films will be touching or under one another just make sure all your HTV is on the sign and the film isn’t in the way. If the film is in the way trim or cut the extra off. I had to trim the film for the hedgehogs because it was too big and interfered with the words.

NOTE: once you get these two things laid out just make sure your heart fits at the bottom.

Place butcher paper over the words and tan outline of the hedgehogs and Heat Press those two things for about 20 seconds. Then check and make sure it is all attached to your wood sign. Peel the film away from the Hedge Hogs.

Step 2

Now we are ready to take the brown outline of the Hedgehogs and place it over the tan ones and line them up. Once they are lined up, cover with butcher paper and heat press for another 15-20 seconds.

Step 3

Cut the two pink cheeks from one another and we are going to lift the film up from the hedgehogs and place the cheeks where you want them. I did double check the design in design space so I had a good idea where to place them.

We are also going to take the solid pink heart and place it at the bottom of our sign underneath the hedgehogs. Again make sure nothing is in the way and all your HTV is on the sign. I had to lift up the film from the hedgehogs and place the heart.

Heat Press for about 7-10 seconds. Take the film off the solid heart.

Step 4

We are now ready to place our outline for the heart and line that up with the solid heart that is already heat pressed on the board. Make sure everything is still covered and heat press for another 5 seconds.

You can now peel all the film off and There is your completed Layered HedgeHugs SVG Wood sign using HTV with our cutting machine.

Congratulations for completing this adorable Layered Hedgehugs SVG Wood Sign using HTV:)

HedgeHugs DIY Layered HTV (iron-on) Wood sign for our beautiful home

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