DIY New Years Eve Party Star Glasses and Party Poppers

New Year’s Eve Star Glasses and Party Poppers

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I honestly can’t believe how fast this year is going. It’s almost New Year’s EVE already. Which means spending some much needed time together as a family. This year we are making our own decorations and party favors. Yep that’s right. We will be making up some hats, glasses, and New Years Party Poppers to bring in the new year!

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Materials needed for the New Year’s Eve Star Glasses

Brand New to the Cricut world? I completely understand and have you covered. Check out my Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cricut Design Space

Making the Stars for the Glasses

Let’s open Cricut design space and start a new canvas. Next, we are going to go into shapes and select the star, and size it to the size we want the glasses to be. I sized my star at 3.271(W) x 3.111 (H)

Now we are going to duplicate the star by right-clicking on the image and click duplicate or you can go to the top right-hand corner, under the make it button, in design space, and hit duplicate. You should now have two stars on your canvas.

We are going to size this star smaller than the other because this star is going to be a cut-out for our eyes. Let’s size this star at 2.263(w) x 2.153 (h) and move it to the center of the other star.

Select both stars that are on top of one another and head up to the align tool and go to the center. This will align them to one another and while they are still both selected, let’s head down to the bottom right-hand corner and hit slice.

Need a bit more help with the slice tool? Check out my article Slice tool in Cricut Design Space-All you need to know

So we have one star done, let us duplicate it and we have our two eyes for the glasses-WOOHOO! We are now going to be moving on to the band for the glasses.

The Band for our New Year’s Eve Star Glasses

Alright, so we are going to be using basics shapes and the weld icon to make the band. If you need more information on the weld tool, please check out my article- Attach, Group, and Weld in Cricut Design Space

We are now going to go into shapes and grab a square. Let us select the square and unlock it, which is the lock icon on the left bottom side of the square (the image below shows you). Lets size it to 3.958 (w) x 0.389 (h) as seen below.

We are at a tricky part which is the ear loop. We are going to go into shapes and grab a circle. Let’s unlock the circle and size it to 1.025 (w) x 0.512 (h) and we are going to do our best at aligning it with the band like so.

Next lets duplicate that circle three times and make an ear loop that will actually stay on our ears. LOL The picture below should guide you on this because I can’t really tell you exactly what to do. I just played with it until I was satisfied.

You can either left-click and draw a box around that entire section or you can hold the shift key down and select each one of those pieces and hit weld in the bottom right corner. The picture below shows me drawing a box around the entire thing and I then went to the weld icon and welded it all together.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, remember it’s going behind your ears. Now that one side is done, let us duplicate it and flip it horizontally. We should now have both sides and both stars on our canvas like so.

Making the center piece to connect our New Year’s Eve Glasses together

So now that both sides of the glasses are almost done, let’s make the centerpiece that is going to hold them together.

Go into basic shapes and select a circle. Let’s size that circle to 1.319 (w) x 1.319(h) and then duplicate it. We now have 2 circles that are the same size. Let us overlap them like the picture below. Select both circles and then go to the bottom right-hand corner and hit slice.

We can get rid of every slice piece except the top piece.

Now we are going to unlock the top piece and measure it up with our glasses and expand it as much as we want. The picture below shows what it looked like before and after I adjusted it with the measurements of the final piece which is 1.839 (w) x .694 (h)

Connecting everything to make our New Year’s Eve Glasses complete

Now lets go ahead and align that centerpiece where we want it and select the centerpiece for the nose and the two stars on the side, then head down to the weld icon and click it.

Select the piece we just welded, right-click, and send it to the back. Or you can go to the top menu in arrange and do the same thing. The choice is really up to you! Both will do the same thing. Now line up the band where you want it on the glasses and do the same thing to both sides.

Now from here, you can get as creative as you would like. You can change the color, do cutouts on the sides, etc. The choice is yours! If you want to add score lines so it takes the guessing out, now is the time to do that.

You would go into basic shapes and grab two score-lines and position them where you want that fold to happen. Once they are in the right place go ahead and resize them smaller, then select everything and go down and hit attach

Sending it to the cutting mats

Because of the size, we are going to need a 12×24 mat or you can go ahead and shrink it down. That would be up to you! It is one mat so figure out what you want to make these out of. I am going to use cardstock. So that will be my setting.

Go ahead and choose your material then into the cutting machine it goes. Hit the arrows to load the mat then the Cricut button to begin cutting.

Let us go ahead and peel it off the mat like so

Peeling our New Year’s Eve Glasses off our cutting Mat

Sporting our New Year’s Eve Glasses 🥳

And there you have it. Our completed New Year’s Eve glasses are ready for us to sport wear!

Me being silly, but sporting these awesome New Year’s Eve Glasses! WOOHOO!

New Year’s Eve Party Poppers

Materials Needed for the Party Poppers

So I went into Cricut Design Space, then went to projects, and searched for party poppers on the top right-hand corner where there is a search bar that you can type in. There are a few different ones in there.

Do you not have a subscription to design space? No worries here is a quick link to help you get that subscription🙂 Plus gives you the perks of each subscription so you shouldn’t have any questions.

Pick the one you like and then click on customize and it will bring the project onto your canvas. How cool is that? At this point, I made them to my liking as you should too. Figure out the size you want them and which colors you want to cut them out of as well.

Once you have made them to your liking we are ready to cut these awesome party poppers out.

Go ahead and hit the make it button. I am making two of them in two different colors. So I have one item on each of my mats. Then hit continue.

You are now on the screen to select the material you will be using. I will be using cardstock so that is what I selected. Then you are on your way to loading your mat and cutting them out.

Once they are cut out and peeled off your mat you are now ready to assemble them.

Assembling the Party Poppers for New Year’s Eve

Let’s go ahead and grab two strings for each side of the party popper(s). We are going to round them out and push the tabs in the slits that are located on the left, center, and right of the popper. The image below should help you with the tabs.

Next, we are going to fill the inside with confetti of your choice. I honestly cut a bunch of circles with my maker to fill the party popper up. Once it is filled let’s take that string and tie both ends up. TA-DA you have just made a party popper to break open on New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day. WOOHOO!!!!!

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