DIY St. Patrick's Day Wood Wreath from Dollar Store

St. Patrick’s Day Wood Shamrock Wreath with Banner- Dollar Tree

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I do have to say the Dollar Tree is stepping up their game with their craft section. Holy Moly!!! They have a ton more than they did last year! So I was walking through their St. Patrick’s Day section and found some pretty awesome wood signs that I could make and decorate for our home this St. Paddy’s Day. Especially this St. Paddy’s Day Wood Shamrock Wreath with a Banner!

Why not save money while crafting right? Then we can spend it on more material to make these awesome projects. It’s a win win.

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Materials needed-St. Patrick’s Day Wood Wreath with Banner

Note: If you do NOT have a cutting machine you can do this exact project with paint or you can write on the wreath

DIY St. Paddy's Day wood Wreath. Wreath from the Dollar Store

Painting the Shamrock Wood Wreath with Banner

First thing we need to do with this wood Shamrock Wreath with a banner is paint it so it can look super festive this St. Paddy’s Day. WOOHOO!

I just love painting. It relaxes me and takes me to a happy place!

I grabbed two different greens, gold, and a few different paint brushes. I started painting every other shamrock one green and the other shamrocks a different green. Once I was done with the shamrocks I let those dry.

Some of the materials I used to paint the Shamrock Wood Wreath
St. Paddy's Day Wood Wreath-DIY

After they were dry I then grabbed the gold or yellow paint and painted the banner gold. Let it dry and repeat the same process on the back. Yes I do paint the whole sign. Crazy crazy I am sometimes. LOL

Working in Design Space

Alright so our sign is now drying and we are ready to make the saying that is going to go on our sign. I went into cricut design space and started a blank canvas.

If you need a bit more help with cricut design space I got you covered with My Ultimate Beginners Guide to Design Space

I went over to the left hand side panel and clicked on the text icon and typed out Lucky. After I typed it out I then found a font that I really liked for the text. I chose Candice Regular. If you don’t have that font it’s ok. Just choose a font that you like.

Once your font is chosen, let us size it to 7.749 (W) x 1.653 (H) Your text may have to be sized differently depending on the font you decided to use.

I did play with the spacing of the letters a bit. My letter spacing, which is at the top, is at a .2 and I also curved the text a bit which is at 32.198. The curve is also at the top.

NOTE: if you ungroup to edit your text some features will not be available to use that is why I always try editing the text with letter space first.

If you need a bit more help with working and editing text in Cricut Design Space, Check out Working and Editing Text in Cricut Design Space! You will also learn how to curve your text, work with the special character map, and also how to make Monograms.

Working in Cricut Design Space. Typing out the wording for our St Paddy's Day Wreath

Once you are happy lets go ahead and head down to the bottom right side panel and hit attach. (I forgot to add an arrow to attach and weld so I added it in the picture below if you aren’t sure where to find it)

If you choose a font that connects like a cursive make sure you weld them together. That tells Cricut that it is one solid word and not to cut the individual letters.

Adding Shamrocks

Next I went into Images, left side panel, and searched for shamrocks. The number for the image I used is #M13BEA093 and it is for a St. Patrick’s Pot of Shamrocks. Select it and add it to your canvas.

The only thing I wanted was the cluster of Shamrocks So I ungrouped it and got rid of everything but the shamrocks. I then resized them to 1.033 (W) x 0.883 (H) then duplicated them so I would have 2 sets for both sides of the sign.

Working in Cricut Design Space-Finding and adding the Shamrocks for our St. Patrick's Day Wreath

We are now ready to cut this beauty for our ST. Patrick’s Day Wood Wreath Sign. WOOHOO!

Make it

Oh we are just so close to finishing this. So we are now ready to hit the make it button located in the top right hand corner.

We should have two mats, the black and the green. Everything should look good, but if for some reason your letters are all over that means you forgot to attach or weld them together.

Once everything looks good, let’s hit the continue button in the bottom right hand corner.

Make sure the proper machine is connected and select your material. You have a few options here. I am going to be working with HTV (Iron-On) but you could also use vinyl. Vinyl, lately, has just given me so many problems so I decided to start making most signs with HTV.

If you are using HTV make sure both your mats are mirrored! Image below shows where the mirror button is.

Hitting the make it button and on to the next screen in design space
Make sure you mirror your images if you are working with HTV (Iron-on)

Cutting your Design

Alright so let us get our HTV down on our mat (green or blue), shiny side down. Our black material is first. If you lay it down and have some bubbles, no worries, just take that scraper and smooth it out.

If you need more knowledge on mats please check out Cricut Mats- All you need to know about the different Cricut Mats

Once your material is on your mat load it into your cricut machine by pressing the arrows button. It is now loaded then start the cut by pressing the cricut button. Off your mat goes to be cut.

Once your mat is done cutting unload the mat by pressing the flashing button. Remove the HTV and lay the green HTV down and cut that mat now. Again make sure it is mirrored.


While the green mat is cutting lets go ahead and weed the black HTV. We are weeding all that we don’t need. So the Lucky stays on the film and the outside comes off. Make sure you get the inside pieces out of the L. See image below.

Note: If you used materials that are much bigger than what you cut, go ahead and trim off the extra material. We don’t want to waste any and you can reuse that on another project!

Weeding out our word-Lucky for our  DIY Wreath
Weeding out our word Lucky so we can use it for our Sign

So now we are done weeding the Lucky words and our green HTV mat is now done cutting. Lets unload it and take it off our mat and again weed the outside off so the shamrocks are the only thing left.

Weeding out the Shamrocks for our wood wreath
Weeding out our shamrocks for our DIY St. Patrick’s Day Wood Wreath

Getting our heat press ready

So this sign is pretty thin compared to some so I set my heat press around 280 and it worked perfectly. But if you want to check Cricut’s Heat guide out here is the link:)

Set your heat press to 280 and let it heat up.

While it is heating up lets get our sign ready to be pressed. I cut the shamrocks and placed them how I wanted them on the edges of the banners and centered the word Lucky. This is totally up to you! let your incredible imagination run wild here.

Getting the word Lucky centered on our DIY ST. Paddy's Day wood wreath, placing our shamrocks where we want them and covering it so it can be heat pressed
Getting the word Lucky centered on our DIY ST. Paddy’s Day wood wreath, placing our shamrocks where we want them and covering it so it can be heat pressed

Once you are happy with the placement our heat press should now be ready to press the HTV on. Take your sign and HTV that is already laid out on the sign over to the press, cover it with the Teflon paper, and press it for 10-15 seconds.

Make sure it is all attached and then pull off the film.


DIY St. Patrick's Day Wood Wreath from the Dollar Store

You just made that incredible St. Patrick’s Day Wood Wreath Sign to hang around your home this St. Paddy’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day SVG Cut files

Smiley Shamrock SVG Cut file
One Lucky Shamrock SVG

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