Valentine's Day Slot Machine Card Tutorial-step by step

Step by Step DIY Valentine’s Day Slot Machine Card Tutorial-Cricut

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and Love is in the Air so lets get crafting our Personalized DIY Valentine’s day Slot Machine Card for the ones we love. We can mix it up or leave as is. Together we are going to make this card from scratch so lets get creating.

My honey just loves slot machines and the excitement of casinos, so I thought ummm why not make him a Valentine’s day card with a slot machine on it to represent how much I love and care for him. I know this card will make his day and he will get a kick out of it.

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Materials needed for this Project

Making the Valentine’s Day Card base for the Slot Machine card

First things first, Lets open up Cricut Design Space and start a new blank canvas. We are now going to go into the shapes icon in the left hand side panel and select a square.

Make sure the square is selected and in the bottom left hand corner there is a lock, lets unlock it so we can size the square to 9.743 (W) x 6.823 (H).

The same can be done on the top panel under size. You can also unlock that lock and type in the size. ( 2 ways to change size above)

Then lets change the color to the color we want the card base to be. For now I am going with white, but feel free to make it whatever color that tickles your fancy!

Making the card base

Next, lets go back into shapes and grab another square.

Lets unlock it and change the size to 4.46 (W) x 6.338 (H) and also change the color to the color of your choice. I am making my grey for now, but may change that later on.

Making the card base for our Valentines Day Slot Machine

We are going to go back into shapes and grab another square and unlock it so we can size it to 4.056 (W) x 5.944 (H) and change the color to your desired color. Mine is going to be tan and it is going to go on top of the grey layer like the image below.

Making the card base and layers for our DIY Valentines Day slot Machine Card

So now that we have our card base done lets start decorating it and slicing and dicing things:) WOOHOO!

Need more help with Design Space? No worries I got you covered check out my Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cricut Design Space and lets start mastering our little cricut machine!

Making the Valentines Day Slot Machine Holes

Alright, I know I may sound like a broken record here, but lets go back into shapes and grab another square. Unlock it and size it to 0.917 (W) x 0.625 (H) and duplicate that two more times.


Depending on your computer you can right click your mouse on the square and the duplicate button should be in that pop up or you can go to the right hand side panel and click on the duplicate button 2 times.


Now we are going to select the three squares ( I hold the shift key down and select the three squares) and head on up to the align icon in the top panel and hit Align Vertically. That will put the three boxes in a straight line across. See Image below.

Aligning in cricut design space

I did play with spacing them evenly afterwards because they were a bit off, so if yours are a bit off you can always play around with the spacing. Then you can realign them after.

We do want to leave room at the bottom because that is where our winnings will come out. 🥳

Slicing the holes for our Valentine’s Day Slot Machine

Lets go ahead and select the left square and our tan layer (2 layers ONLY) and head down to the slice icon and hit slice.

The picture below shows you that both layers are selected and then head down to the slice and hit it.

Slicing the holes for our Valentine's Day slot Machine

Now that you sliced the square everything changed like the image below shows. Don’t worry that happens each and every time.

Need more information about the Slice Icon in design space? I have a whole article on the Slice Tool in Cricut Design Space-All you need to know.

Slicing in cricut design space and how it works.

Now we have to send the tan layer back twice. So lets right click and move backwards twice or you can go up to the top panel where it says arrange- move backwards (two times) and that will do the same thing. That will move it back to where it was. Do NOT send it all the way to the back.

Here we are making the holes for our slot machine card

Now we are going to repeat that step for the next two boxes, but you will only send it back one time the next time or until you see the last box you need to slice still. Once they are all sliced you can move those pieces out of the way.

NOTE: You can ONLY slice two single layers at a time. If you have more than that selected the slice tool will NOT be light up to use.

Now all of our boxes are cut out, we are going to make borders for each of the boxes.

Borders for our Valentine’s Slot Machine holes

1. Lets take one of those square pieces from the slice and size to it 1.014 (W) x 0.691 (H)

2. Then take another one of those squares from the slice and size it to 0.829 (W) x 0.556 (H).

Note: I did change the color of mine to red so you could see both better.

We now have two squares one smaller than the other like so

Making the borders for our slot machine holes

Next we are going to select both the squares and head up to the align icon and align them with the center, which is the last one in the pop down menu.

Now that they are aligned center, make sure they are both still selected and head down to the slice icon in the bottom right hand panel and hit slice. Duplicate that twice and we now have borders for all three boxes like so.

Making the borders for our Slot machine holes

Now you can use one of those slice pieces or you an grab another square and size it to 3.605 (W) x .987 (H) like the above picture shows. I changed the color to pink, but again you can change it to whatever color you want to.

This piece is going to slide in between the tan and the grey area so your boxes are pink like the image below.

You may have to move it forward or backward to get it where it needs to go. And guess what? You KNOW how to do that:)

Borders for our Valentines Day slot machine holes

So why we are working on the slots, lets decide what we want coming out of them, like those super old slot machines that coins fell out the bottom of. I am going to use hearts because after all it is a Valentine’s Day card.

But I may throw some Mario Brothers characters in there because my honey loves Mario.

Valentine’s day Slot Prizes

Lets go into shapes and grab a heart, change the color to red, size it to the size you want it to be and duplicate it 7 or 8 times. Do the same with a pink heart.

Then move them up to underneath the slot holes like the image below. And there you have it. Its paying out money hearts.😂🤣😂

Valentines Day Slot prizes

Making the Valentine’s Day Slot Machine-top

Here I go again sounding like that broken record. LOL Lets go into shapes and grab another square, unlock it, and size it at 3.875 (W) x 2.415 (H). Then change the color to black.

We are then going to go back into shapes and grab another square, unlock it, and size it to 0.954 (W) x 2.057 (H).

Lets change the color to white so we have a difference in color, then duplicate it two times like the image below shows.

We are then going to go back into shapes and grab another square, unlock it, and size it to 0.954 (W) x 2.057 (H). Lets change the color to white so we have a difference in color, then duplicate it two times

Lets go ahead and select all the white pieces and the black piece behind and go up to align and center vertically. Again you may have to play with spacing again here, but that shouldn’t be a problem now.

Once everything is aligned how you want them lets go ahead and repeat the slice like we did above for each white piece. So lets select the left white piece and the black piece together and go down to slice and slice it.

You will need to send the black piece backwards to show the other two you have to do. Repeat that until all the white pieces are cut out of the black piece.

Once you are done your canvas should look like this.

Results of what we just did

Images to go inside the slot reels

It’s all starting to come together! WOOHOO! So here’s the fun part because you can choose whatever you want to go into the slot reels.

If you would like to use the images I am here are the numbers you can search for once you go to images, then type the number with the # in the search box.

Don’t have Cricut Access? It’s ok you can access the Cricut plans here.

  1. The Heart- #M3862D
  2. The Love Stamp- #M38D6C
  3. Valentine Mail Box- #MA4E2752

Below are the three images we are working with for the reels, but you choose any images you want to.

Finding the Valentines Day Images to go into our Slot machine reels

The Valentine’s Day Heart

I want you to noticed that the heart has four layers and we only want the heart. So we are going to make sure the heart is selected and head up to the ungroup icon, top right side panel, and hit ungroup.

We are going to get rid of everything but the red heart. So delete the black outline, the hidden layer, and the two white wings.

We are going to size the heart at 0.825 (W) x 0.685 (H) and duplicate it two times. We should now have three hearts at the size mentioned previously.

The Valentine’s Day Love Stamp

So this Valentine’s Day Stamp has two layers but because these pieces are going to be kind of small we don’t want to glue the pieces together if we don’t have to, so we are going to change it to a Print and Cut.

Now select the stamp and head down to the bottom right panel and hit the Flatten Icon and that will change it to a Print and Cut with one layer. Lets size it to 0.687 (W) x 0.825 (H).

Then duplicate it two times. So we now have three Flattened stamps.

Print and Cut

This means that you are flattening the image into one layer and it will be sent to your printer first to print out the design. Then after it’s done printing it will then go into your Cricut machine to be cut out. Simple!

Want more information on the Flatten Icon in Design check? Check out The Flatten Tool in Cricut Design Space

Valentine’s Day Mailbox

As you can see in the right side panel the Valentines mailbox has nine layers and we definitely don’t want to glue all those together, nor do we need this whole image. So lets select the mailbox and head up to Ungroup and hit it.

We do not need the brown pole so lets delete both of those pieces and once we do that, we are left with just the mailbox like the image below.

Working with the Valentine's Images for our reels. What to keep and get rid of

Now lets go ahead and draw a box around the pink mailbox that we kept, Left click and draw a box. (may only work on certain computers.) Make sure it is all selected.

We are now going to, yep you guessed it, head down to the bottom of the right side panel and hit flatten to make it one layer and a print and cut. Lets size it to 0.797 (W) x 0.734 (H)

Then duplicate it two times. So we now have three mailboxes.

Putting the V-day Images into the reels.

Alright so we should now have nine images (3 of each) for our reels. You can align them up however you would like but this image below shows you how I aligned mine up. Feel free to do whatever your heart desires here.

NOTE- To make it easier to align move the black slot piece and align them how you want then send the black slot piece to the front once done so it is sitting on top of the reels.

Placing the Valentine's Day images in our reels for the slot machine

Woohoo! It is coming along. Just a few more things and we will be ready to cut!

Slot Machine cross bar for the reels

Lets go into images and select a circle and a square.

The circle lets size to 0.333 (W) x 0.333 (H) and the square lets unlock and size it to 3.111 (W) x 0.083 (H). Once they are sized, lets go ahead and duplicate the circle for the other side of the bar.

Making the bar for the reels of our slot machine

We are now going to take one circle and put it on one end of the bar and the other circle on the other end. Select all three, so the circle, bar, and circle, and head up to the align icon and align vertically.

While everything is still selected lets go down to the bottom right side panel and hit the weld icon to make it once piece. Now we are going to change the color to a silver or grey.

Placing the bar across our reels for our slot machine

Happy Valentine’s Day Text

We are now ready to add our text to the top of this Valentine’s day Card:)

Lets type out Happy in once text box, Valentine’s in another text box, and Day in another text box.

I always split my text up into different boxes because you can do more with it that way. You can select the font you want to use here.

For the Happy and Day I am using the Fling font in design space. And for the word Valentine’s I used Good Vibes.

I have a whole article on Downloading and Editing Text in Cricut Design Space. We discuss installing and downloading text, how to group and ungroup, create curves, add swirly text using the character map, and also how to create monograms.

For the Valentine’s day word I did rotate it so it was on an angle. So play around and have fun with it and see what you can come up with!

Note: You are obviously going to have to mess with the letter spacing because sometimes the text comes out all crazy and spacing is weird. You can head to the top panel and play with the letter spacing icon. Sometimes that works, but other times it does not.

You would then have to ungroup the text and move each letter individually. Once it’s where you want it, then select the whole thing and group back together.

Need more help with editing text? Check out Downloading and Editing Text in Cricut Design Space

Adding the Happy Valentine's Day text to our V-day Card

Once you are completely happy with your text we are going to select each word and weld them together. So they cut as a whole piece and not each and every letter.

WE have options here too.

We can always switch the cut line to something else. Our cricut machine can draw the text on your Valentine’s Day card if you wanted to. If you do change it to draw you need to attach what it is drawing to where you want it to draw.

Adding the Score line

So now that our card is almost complete, lets add a score line so we know where to fold it.

Go to the left side panel and into shapes and grab a score-line. Lets extend it the length of our card, then select the score line and white card base, head up to the align icon and align center.

While both are still selected, lets head down to the bottom right side panel and hit attach so it stays in place and will score on the card base.

Final Touches-

Alright so we are ready to cut this bad boy out! 🥳🥳🥳 WOOHOO and Congratulations!!!

Now if there is anything you want to go back and work now, now is the time to do that! I did add some more things and changed a few colors and the image below shows you what my final card is going to look like.

Final touches on our DIY Valentine's Day Slot machine card

Sending it to the cutting mats

Alright so we are now ready to cut our mats. Make sure you welded all the words together and flattened what needs to be flattened. Hit the Make it button on the top, the green button.

You may have a different number of mats than me because I added extra things, just as you may have. Make sure it all looks right and lets continue on to the next screen.

If your score-line is not on the white base, then you forgot to attach it. If your words are all over you also forgot to weld it.

Selecting our materials to cut

Since this is a Valentine’s Day Slot machine card we are going to cut this out of cardstock. So lets the cardstock you are using and continue on with the prompts in cricut design space.

First mat should be your print and cuts So send that to your printer and once that is done put it on your blue cutting mat and let your cricut machine do the cut. Then take the items off your cutting mat and move on to the next mat.

Second mat should be your card base. Here you will need to score the base first then change the blade and it will then cut your card base.

Then continue to cut and remove the other items from the mat once it is done cutting.

Putting the Valentine’s Day Slot Machine Card together

We are going to start with that pink strip and the light blue square with the slot holes in it. Glue that pink piece to the back to cover all the slot holes.

Placing the pink into the Valentine's Day slot machine holes
Pink part glued to the blue for our Valentines day Slot Machine card

Next we are going to take those 3 borders and glue those to the slot machine holes.

Placing and gluing the three borders around our slot machine holes

Now we are going to take the top half of the Valentine’s Day slot machine and align our reels. I used the top half to get the alignment of the reels and where I wanted them.

Once we have our placement remove the top and glue the images into place. See video below.

Next we are going to glue the top half down over our reels. Once that is done lets start gluing the Happy Valentine’s Day words how we want them at the top of our card. See video below.

Lets then add our winning pieces to the bottom where the slot holes are. The placement is completely up to you, but if you want to me how I placed most of them, I added a video below.

Once the winnings are all glued down, we are going to glue down the bar that goes across the love stamps. All you are going to do here is place glue on the bar and glue it down right across the center middle pieces (love stamp). See video below.

Now that is all the pieces that need to be glued, lets take our card base and glue the black piece to it, then add the top piece which we just finished gluing all the other pieces too. See video above.

WOOHOOO!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WE just made a awesome Valentine’s Day Card slot machine!

Once you have completed this card I would love to see them! Drop a comment below with a picture and let me see it!

If you enjoyed this please share the love! It takes me a while to write these and I would truly appreciate you sharing this Valentine’s Day Slot Machine Card Tutorial!

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