The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Crafters

Ultimate Shopping Guide for Crafters

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This is the Ultimate Shopping Guide for Crafty people!

Buy your Creative Crafter something crafty!🥰

Struggling to get those gifts for that creative crafty individual in your life? Yeah, we know that we can be tough ones to shop for! That’s exactly why I thought I would make a Ultimate Shopping Guide or list ,if you will, for Crafters of all things that crafters will enjoy receiving this holiday season! 🌲

The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Crafters

*This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through my links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Read my full disclosure here.

Crafting Education- Ultimate Shopping Guide for Creative Crafters

We as Crafters and Creatives are always wanting to learn and implement! So why not find classes for that crafty person in your life? Below are some Education classes for those creatives and crafters to explore.

1. See if any craft or art stores in your area have local classes

2. classes for Crafters

They offer many FREE classes that any crafter would enjoy! Just write that down and let that Creative Crafter know, Hey you should go on, They have a lot of free classes! I have been doing my research!

Ultimate Shopping Guide for Crafters- Crafting education is a thing and that is a crafters dream to continue learning and creating
Screen shot of some of the classes from

3. Annies Craft Store and Creative Studio

A great gift for those crafters wanting to further their education with online crafting classes and tv programming including quilting, crocheting, knitting, sewing, home decor, and nostalgia.

They have a shop that includes magazines, books, KITS, and supplies plus much more!

They offer a monthly subscription to more than 1,450 high-quality quilting, crocheting, knitting, sewing, home decorating craft classes and educational how-to videos, 1,250+ FREE downloadable patterns, and more. For one low monthly price, you get immediate access on your tablet, phone, computer or smart TV to expert instructional videos with new episodes added regularly.

4. Craftsy

Another GREAT place to find online education for creatives and crafters! I can’t believe how many classes they offer and the array of classes they have!

They have classes from baking, cake decorating, clothing, cooking, entertainment, healthily eating, and sooooo much more.

Craftsy is another great place to shop for that crafter this holiday season! They offer so many classes, it's mind blowing

5. CreativeBug

HOLY MOLY! Creative Bug offers so many classes, it’s mind-blowing! They offer classes for art and design, sewing, quilting, paper crafts, knitting, food and home, Jewelry, and much more!

They offer a free trial so you can see what their platform is all about and start learning what you desire to!

Perks include unlimited access to thousands of classes with new releases every day and you can download the templates, patterns, and recipes. That’s pretty amazing!

Ultimate Shopping Guide for Subscriptions and Magazines

Now if classes aren’t the route you want to go, then think about those crafting magazines or Subscriptions. These are some of the best gifts because it offers a variety of things!

1. Creative Fabrica Subscription


Download what you want, as often as you want, at any time.

Pay a fixed price per month, not per asset. Unlock instant access to 1 million+ creative assets. Commercial license included. Compatible with any machine.

2. Creative FabricaThe Craft Club

Also offers The Craft Club which offers unlimited access to thousands of craft designs, including a commercial license, which is HUGE! The Craft club also offers personal designers, tools, and exclusive deals to members!

3. Design Bundles and Font Bundles

Offers a Plus member that offers Access to 39,138 exclusive products with Commercial Use and a few different plans and even offers a 7-day free trial!

4. CraftStash Crafting Magazines

These magazines have been a God Sent to me and my learning ability. CraftStash has all varieties of crating magazines, ranging from Inspirational, Sewing, Paper, and Quilting just to name a few.

Give those special crafters a subscription or magazine  this holiday season. These magazines have been so helpful!
Screenshot of CraftStash Crafting Magazines

5. Cricut Standard or Premium Access

Cricut offers two different options for their Subscriptions. A standard option and a premium option. Head on over to and see the difference between the two and decide which one is right for that crafter and creative!

Below are just some of the perks when you join Cricut Design Space Premium Access

The greatest gift for that cricut crafter! The cricut all access pass that offers two different subscriptions and well worth the money!
Cricut perks from

Free tools in Creative Fabrica

Surprise that friend or loved one by offering them knowledge about Creative Fabrica’s free tools that they may not know about!

Font Cloud

This is the crafter’s dream with their own free font manager! Every crafter can work with their fonts from anywhere!

Shape Cloud

OMG!! I just realized what this was and am shocked I didn’t know about this sooner. Shape Cloud works with words and shapes them into the image of your choice. How cool is that?

Webfont Generator

This generator easily converts those OTF and TTF fonts to useable fonts.

And also as I mentioned above there is the Craft Club, which is not free but it is super awesome and helpful and gives that crafter resources, a designer, tools, and exclusive deals!

Ultimate Shopping Materials for that Crafter

Cricut Crafters Shopping Guide

Shopping SVG Files for that creative crafter

Need a bit of help with extracting and uploading files into Cricut Design Space? No worries I got you covered!

Guide to Cricut Cut Files-JPEG, PNG, And SVG

Make sure you save or bookmark this article so you can refer back to it as much as needed!

Art Supplies– Ultimate Shopping Guide

One-stop Shop for all your artists needs such as

Scrap Booking Supplies-

Rather than list out all the fun creative things for scrapbooking, which is a lot, I decided to post two of the greatest places I find all my scrapbooking materials. They offer an array of items that will get any crafter excited!

Weaving is so much FUN and the possibilities are endless when it comes to looming and what you can do! You begin with learning how to weave, then start creating those beautiful scarves, table runners, and bags.

Wood Crafting is definitely becoming more and more popular these days. Why not start this holiday season with crafting one-of-a-kind items that you and your family will love!

Shopping Accessories for Cricut Crafters

A Cricut crafter can never have too many materials or supplies. Just click on the captions of each photo to be taken directly to that product! Super easy and simple! I would list them all out but man oh man that would be like a super duper long post!

If you need more information regarding what some of these items are check out my Article- Which Cricut Supplies and Accessories do I really need?

Cricut Machines

Has that special someone been wanting a cutting machine for a while now? This is the perfect gift for those wanting a cutting machine to advance their arts and crafts! I decided to add just the machines and then the machines with it bundled with goodies to jump-start your journey!

Want more Information on Cricut machines?

Check out my article- What is a Cricut Machine and Which one is right for you?

The Ultimate Shopping guide for those creative crafters!

Crafting Kits for Adults and Children


What a GREAT way to spend Christmas but by crafting as a family! The kits below are all different but offer you numerous different products in a package. They even give you Tutorials to follow along with!

The Hungryjpeg

The Hungryjpeg offers so many different kinds of kits it is crazy! Give them a look and see what you can find for those loved ones in your life!


Has tons and tons of kits ranging from 3d Wood constructions kits to coloring packs, painting kits, decopatch kits, frameable kits, and soo much more! Crafts as a family this holiday season! Those are some of the best memories!


Blick has an array of AMAZING kits and there are so many!! From paint kits to pottery kits to block printing kits and tie-dye kits. So many options like Drawing kits and screen printing kits, inventors kits, or fusing kits, endless possibilities this holiday season.

Annie’s Craft Store

Annie’s Craft Store has incredible kits including crochet kits, knitting kits, yarn kits, quilting kits, sewing kits, fabric kits, needlework and so much more!

I honesty can continue on and on but I think you have quite a bit to work with! If you have a question or need a little help, shoot me an email and I will do my best to help ya!

Crafty People Hand making items this Holiday Season!

Tim over at Home Business Xpressions has been busy busy over the last eighteen months crafting and working on his YouTube Channel. His 99.9% of handcraft creations are designed with personality in mind. Tim’s unique niches are handcrafted floral arrangements, cacti garden displays, and other arts and crafts.

The Xpressions HandCrafts Youtube channel will be for DIY crafters, teachers, new crafters, inspired people that like handcrafting.

Maureen at M.R. Creations started this opportunity for herself to share a little Pizazz and allows herself to escape! With all the stress and anxiety in the world, her creative crafting creations allow her the opportunity to De-stress. She knows you will enjoy her handmade items as much as she loves creating them!

Amanda is also selling her art on Etsy and RedBubble amongst others. She also does personal requests for others and her work and products are definitely made with love and passion. You can see some of her creations on Instagram!

This is the ultimate shopping list for those creatives this Christmas!

Let me know what you are most excited about and what you are wishing and hoping for this Holiday Season! If you believe something should be on here that’s not, let me know!


Let’s make Shopping for that creative crafter FUN this year!

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