What in the World is a Cricut machine?

What is a Cricut Machine and Which one is Right for you?

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What is a Cricut Machine and which one should you buy?
Some images are from Cricut.com

Is there just too much information out there, that you don’t know where to start? I completely understand because that is how I felt years ago! My cricut sat in the box for months, until one day I decided to conquer it.

It definitely took some time! Making mistakes, trial and errors, and accidents happen! It is a part of the journey! So sit back, relax, and lets embark on this wonderful crafting journey together!

In this article we will be discussing many topics like What is a Cricut Machine, what all does it do, and how it works. We will be talking about The Cricut Maker, the Cricut Joy, and the Cricut Explore Air 2.

Next we will talk about questions to ask yourself in order to know what machine is right for you, and finally where you can purchase the cricut machine of your choice.

Let's Make things happen with Cricut
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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What is a Cricut?

Cricut is a cutting machine that cuts all kinds of materials for all your craft projects!

For example, it cuts paper, cardstock, vinyl, heat transfer vinyl amongst many other materials.

Some machines even cut materials like plastic, wood, and chipboard! That was one of the many reasons I purchased my cricut maker! The Cricut Maker cuts chipboard for my multi-media canvases I create. 

Amandas Multi-media canvases done with chipboard from the cricut maker
The Butterfly Love Canvas and the Happy Days Canvas was originally Gabrielle Pollacco’s creation. Her work and creations just inspire me to be the best version I can be of myself day in and out! https://youtu.be/daPgWawUKNU

Quick note- Chipboard is a thicker paper usually from recycled paper. It is similar to cardboard. To learn more about chipboard. This is the best explanation I could find for chipboard.

When I embarked on the journey to explore the cricut machines I had no idea where to begin. I started doing my research and asking around.

Joining the Cricut groups that existed, not many at this time, to see what they had to say about the different machines. Finally I decided on the machine I wanted and once that decision was made My parents and I were out the door to purchase the CRICUT MAKER!

How does the cricut work?

The cricut works on the computer as well as your smart phone.

  • There are two different ways you can set the machine up with your computer. You can use the USB cord that came with your machine or you can choose to set it up wirelessly. I have used both and they both work great! Sometimes, for me, the wireless drops connection so I tend to have my USB plugged in.
  • Once that is done now it’s time to turn it on and register it with Cricut Design Space!
    • Then to master Design Space 👉 Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cricut Design Space here.
  • For your phone, just download the Cricut design space app and sign in. And you can work with your projects on your phone from anywhere!
  • Design space is where you will be designing and creating the craft you want to do. Once you are done, you will send it from your computer to your cutting machine and from there your Cricut it will do the work for you, with a click of a button!!

What can it cut?

Your adorable little cricut is a bad A$$!!!

  • The Cricut Maker instantly and accurately cuts 300+ materials, from the most delicate paper to the thick stuff like basswood, leather, and chipboard. This is the most advanced right now. Below we will discuss what machines, do what.

Like I stated earlier, I purchased my cricut to cut the thick stuff like chipboard and have made some beautiful canvases with it, but it takes a while to cut the thicker stuff. The cricut will not cut intricate items. Just a heads up!

If you want a detailed list of the materials, Check out my article on what materials can the Cricut maker cut!

Want to learn more about Cricut Blades? Visit my Beginners Guide to Cricut Blades.

Which cricut machine should I buy?

Cricut Machines
Which  cricut machine should I buy?
The Cricut Maker
The cricut Explore Air 2
The cricut joy
Pictures from Cricut.com

Here, We will be discussing three different Cricut machines and the differences between them

  1. The Cricut Maker

This my friends is the ultimate cutting machine!

The maker is more of an advance machine that does it all! From card making to chipboard pieces, this little machine will cut through 300+ materials. The Maker will give you the freedom to bring all your ideas to life!

  • The Cricut Maker cuts quickly and precise with over 300+materials.
  • 10X more POWERFUL than the Explore Air 2.
  • Rotary Blade that works with fabric
  • It has an adaptive tool system which allows you to use multiple items at the same time. For example, there are two holders. One for a pen and one for a blade. Cricut has also made changing out a blade easy too! You don’t need to change the housing just the blade. Interested in learning more? Check out my Beginners Guide to Cricut Blades
  • It connects with the blue-tooth wirelessly or with the USB adaptor.

2. The Cricut Joy

The Cricut Joy is a little compact machine that will turn your inspirations into reality! From cutting vinyl decals for your car or home to making quick labels for pantry or jars. You can also whip up a banner or thinking of you card. Either way, this Joy has you covered!

  • The Cricut joy cuts up to 50+ materials.
  • Can draw any shape
  • Writes in many styles
  • Small and easy to pack
  • Connects using blue-tooth.
  • Longer cuts
  • Quick fun projects

3. Explore Air 2

The Explore Air 2 is a speedy DIY machine that will save you time and energy because it writes and cuts tp to 2x faster than the previous cutting machines!

  • The Cricut Explore Air 2 cuts up to 100+ materials
  • GREAT for beginners
  • 2x faster cutting speed
  • 2x faster writing speed
  • Adaptive Tool System
  • Storage compartment
  • Compatible with the scoring stylus and deep point blade
  • Connects with Bluetooth

Are they worth the money?

YES YES YES YES!!! If you love crafts and can’t get enough of them like myself! They are versatile, time saving, efficient, and you can customize your projects!!!

There are some questions you should be asking yourself right about now to figure out which machine will work the best for you!

  • What kind of projects do you want to create? Paper? Vinyl? HTV? Wood? Plastic?
  • Are you going to be selling your items?
  • Are you be making your own home decor items?
  • Will you be designing and heat pressing shirts or clothing?
  • Are you customizing gifts?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I believe a Cricut would be a great investment!

You want to really think about all the projects you envision yourself making. The cricut maker is the newer more advanced Ultimate Cutting Machine so if you want to make all kinds of projects with all kinds of materials, then the maker will have you covered!

Purchasing a cricut was the best decision I ever made! It has helped me craft up some amazing projects and cuts my time in half. My cricut is my go to almost every day! When an idea, thought, or vision comes into my head, I am on design space, designing away!

Where can you purchase them?

You can purchase a Cricut from Cricut.com or any craft store, such as Joann’s, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby, and even amazon these days.

That’s a Wrap

So today we discussed the glorious Cricut Machine, what it does, how it works, and then compared 3 of them to one another. We also discussed some questions you should ask yourself to figure out which machine would be the best for you! Finally we discussed where you can look for a cricut machine!

I hope this article helped you gain the knowledge you need to purchase the best cricut for you.

If this helped you, please share the LOVE!

Please share with me!!!

Do you own a cricut?

Which machine did you decide on?

What kind of projects are you working on?

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