Where to find free fonts for cricut design space

Where to find FREE Fonts for Cricut Design Space

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In this article, we are going to be discussing where you can go to find free fonts for your Cricut projects. Yes, FREE FONTS! Everybody LOVES free things and on top of that, you get to spend that money you saved on more materials you had your eyes on.

Brand New to Cricut Design Space? Start here with my Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cricut Design Space.

Where to find free fonts

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Can you download Fonts to Cricut Design Space?

Surprise!!! YES, yes you sure can. In this post, we will be discussing the best places to find free fonts to use with Cricut Design Space.

Now, you may have noticed that in Design Space, Cricut has fonts that you have to pay for unless you have Cricut access! You can learn more about Cricut Access here.

Paying for fonts can get pretty pricey, very quickly! Trust me I know that for a fact. This post will help you save $$$ where you can so you can get more of that beautiful material you had your eyes on!

If you need help with downloading fonts please visit Editing Text in Cricut Design Space

Alright! Let’s Begin 😎

How to Find FREE FONTS

NOTE: Before we begin, I just want to take the time to mention that when looking for free fonts, please be aware that it comes with a license. Some fonts come with a personal use-only license while others come with a commercial license.

Personal use means that you can only use it for personal items and commercial use means you can make an item with the font on it to sell! The license will tell you how it can be used so please pay attention to that!

I do NOT need anyone getting in trouble for not knowing about the licenses. So before you download a font, check the license out to see what you can and can not do with it!

I have a tracker sheet with personal use only fonts on it so I know that I can only use that font for items that I will be giving away or keeping for my personal use! I will be linking a tracker for you shortly!

Where can you download fonts for FREE?

There is a ton of sites out there to download free fonts for Cricut Design Space. I do usually try to find fonts that have a commercial license because if you decide to make something and want to sell it, YOU CAN!


They have a huge selection of free fonts you can use with Cricut Design Space and a lot of them comes with a commercial license.

Many of my fonts have come from fontbundles. Their selection is one of the best and to top it off they send emails with new free fonts every week as long as you are signed up! So click on that image and get your free account with them today to start downloading free fonts to work with:)


They offer tons of images and fonts for free! They have freebies all the time and offer a commercial license with it. Make sure you sign up and start downloading your new freebies! You can click on the picture or link and it will take you right there. All you have to do is sign up!

Font Banner - Free Fonts


A website to help designers, crafters, newbies, seasoned graphic designers, and anybody with an interest in design. This is a great place to grab numerous fonts at one time. They offer free fonts and free font bundles with a commercial license. Once you sign up they email you FREEBIES! WOOHOO!

The Hungry JPEG


offers 6 free fonts a week and they are usually outstanding! Explore and look around. Sign up to start downloading some amazing fonts for your projects! Just be careful here and make sure you LOOK at the license.

Creative Market


This site is super popular because they offer sooo MANY free fonts, but again be aware of the license that comes with the font if you plan on making and selling items!


Again if you need help downloading and installing fonts, please check out Downloading and Editing Text in Cricut Design Space.

Now, Lets go back to the Fonts Cricut offers shall we?

Cricut Fonts in Design Space
Cricut fonts

So Cricut offers fonts that are located in Cricut design space, but they have a price next to them? Then you will have to pay that price for them unless you have Cricut access. Cricut Access has over 400+ fonts that you can choose from to make and sell your work. More about Cricut Access HERE.

In addition to fonts, Cricut offers over 60,000 preloaded projects at no additional cost to you! YES, You heard that right.


So there you have it! You now know where you can get free fonts to work within Cricut Design Space! Give yourself a pat on the back and remember you are going to create and design AMAZING THINGS!!!


What fonts are your favorite?

Where do you venture to find your fonts and why?

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