Working with Templates in Cricut Design Space

Working with Templates in Cricut Design Space

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Do you ever wish you had a little help with sizing when it comes to a design that you want on a mug or shirt? Well my friends I am here to help! Cricut Design Space offers templates for us to use and work with when creating designs for a specific item. We will be discussing what Cricut templates are, where to access them, how they work, and how to use them.

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Working with Templates in Cricut Design Space. Everything from What is a template to how do I use the templates for my crafting projects in Cricut Design Space

What are Templates in Cricut Design Space?

Cricut Templates are there to guide you with sizing and placement on a specific item. Cricut offers plenty of templates for us to use for FREE and it will take a lot of the guessing away from the project which will save us a lot of time. It allows us to get an idea of what the design is going to look like on the finished project before we even cut it! It also eliminates the guessing game like Is my file too small or big? or Will this SVG look right on that apron?

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Where do I access the templates in Cricut Design Space?

Alright, so let’s open and Log in to Cricut Design Space and start a blank canvas. On the left-hand side panel, there is an icon called templates. Let’s click on that and a screen like this pops up. See the image below.

That is all it takes to access the templates. You can definitely scroll through the templates and click on the template that matches what you are making.

Cricut templates how to use them, where to find them, how to work with them

How do Templates Work In Cricut Design Space?

Templates are great to use when you are working on a design for a specific product such as a bag, shirt, or apron. You can scroll through all the different templates and pick the one that fits your project.

How do I filter Templates in Cricut Design Space

Using filters with templates in cricut design space

You can also filter the templates or use the search field to narrow the templates down to what you are looking for. When you select your template and put the template on your canvas it will come with a warning stating that it’s just a reference.

How do I use a Template in Cricut Design Space?

As you can see from the above image that Cricut gives us many templates to use. First to use a template we need to figure out what kind of project we are making.

Let’s say we are making a tote bag. We will find a tote to help us size the graphic to the right size and position it where we want the image on the tote bag. This is only an outline to reference for sizing and positioning.

How do I upload a Template to my canvas in Cricut Design Space?

So we have been working on this the whole time:) So we are in templates and as I stated above We will be selecting the tote in the templates area. Once you select the tote we will then be taken in a screen like this. You can see the warning here that Cricut gives you at the top! It’s ONLY a reference.

Cricut Templates in Cricut Design Space. How to work with templates.

Changing the size and color of the Template

Now that the tote bag reference guide is on our canvas you can look in the upper left-hand corner and see that there’s a type and size box. That is where we can change the size and cater this template to the size we are using. The size of a Cricut tote bag is 14 x 14. Here we can also change the color of the tote. This is the tote bag we are making.

Working with templates in cricut design space. What are templates? Where do I find them? How do I use and upload a template?

Let’s now go into the size and change the size to a 14 x 24 because this template is also measuring the handle of the bag which with the handle is a 14 x 24. I also changed the tote color to match the tote bag color like so.

Templates in Cricut Design Space What are they and how do I use them?

Next, we are going to grab an image we want to put on this tote bag. I am using a giraffe that I found and purchased. I honestly have no idea where I originally found this SVG. But once I do find the original site I got it from I will give credit to them. But to be clear, this is not my image. You can definitely use whatever image you want to use. So just grab an image you have.

Now we have an outline of a tote bag and an image we are working with. We are now going to size the image how we want it and position it on the bag in the center. Depending on the projects you are working on you can get very creative and see what’s the best size and placement for your designs. Picture below.

Working with Templates in Cricut Design Space- Templates and image and how to use them

Next, we are going to give it some final touches and personalize it to make it unique to you! Go ahead and get creative!

Once you are done designing and editing we will then click on the make it button and we will then edit the mats if we need to.

TIP- Always pay attention to the mirror button. For this we will be mirroring our image, but cricut is pretty awesome at prompting you once you pick your material.

You can now see that our template is gone because it was just a reference for us to work with.

Working with Templates in Cricut Design Space. The make it screen for cutting

We are now going to hit continue and will be selecting which materials we will be using. I chose Infusible Ink for this project and it does get mirrored just like iron-on or HTV also gets mirrored.

I then cut the images out and went over to my heat-press, heated it up, and pressed my infusible ink to my tote for 45 seconds. This is how my bag turned out:) And you can now create something like this too! WOOHOO!!!!!

Working with templates in cricut design space. My finished tote bag
My finished canvas tote bag

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You did it! I am super proud of you!

Now it’s your turn! How are you going to use templates and what are you going to use them for? Tell or show me in the comments below! And if this article helped you please share it to help others too!

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